Navy Lady

30 June 2014

Eldwick, Bingley, West Yorkshire BD16, UK
Like black, navy is a colour I wear a lot, and I feel, can never really be over-worn. Personally, I don't know if darker colours make you appear slimmer, but I think this is partially responsible for my love of the darker tones. I've also been told that vertical striped make you appear slimmer in contrast to horizontal stripes. I actually feel more comfortable in the horizontal pattern and I chose this jumper because I love the the patterns are thick and thin which differs the top from any other. These dark denim jeans are among my favourites because they feel quite 'body-shaping' and are tight yet comfortable. I prefer MOTO jeans from Topshop because they're always so soft and comfortable. Whenever I shop in store, I never know which pair to pick up first because they're all so soft and stretchy which makes them easier to wear for longer periods of time. I also like to shop at Next for their jeans because they have the longer length jeans that aren't too short for me; as well as jeggings, which are so similar to jeans you can't tell the difference. A lot of the time, I will go for high-waisted jeans because they compliment your figure and can be worn with shorter length of cropped tops. Navy has become my comfort colour, but I think there are so many ways to style this simple tone, it's versatile in almost every way.
Jumper - Matalan
Jeans - MOTO Topshop
Shoes - Next
Bag - gift

Yorkshire Walking

28 June 2014

Ilkley, West Yorkshire, UK
One side of the Cow and Calf rocks, Ilkley.
Sometimes I have days, where I want to just wear the biggest, baggiest jumper I can find, the thickest, cosiest pyjama bottoms I can find and spends 6 hours straight on Netflix. To me, that's a good Saturday. But I have a lot of errands to run, including walking my neighbours dog that I have volunteered to take care of. The weather is super warm today, so a t-shirt like this that is thin and airy is perfect because I won't get to warm walking up hill. I love to walk, much more that I like to jog, and music always motivates me to actually keep moving because I end up strutting and occasionally posing and miming to the music in my ears. I'll be walking around Ilkley Moor, which is where the Cow and Calf rocks are in West Yorkshire. A lot of people chose the climb them, but I personally just like the view. It's a great place to walk because of the huge hill and amazing sights, it's my go-to dog walking spot as walking around the Cow and Calf works up a sweat, and is always super rewarding. I'm choosing to wear leggings over shorts today as the sun keeps peeping in and out which is changing the temperature a little. On high ground, there's also a bit of a breeze and my best option is to avoid getting cold. As I'm flat-footed, after a while, my feet start to hurt and my trainers are perfect for a long walk like today because they're heavily cushioned inside which keeps my toes cosy. I can't wait to get walking. Have a nice weekend!
T-shirt - Primark
Leggings - Next
Shoes - Lacoste
Hat - Matalan
Headphones - Amazon

Eh, Whatever.

27 June 2014

Eldwick, Bingley, West Yorkshire BD16, UK
I am usually the first to express my dislike for wearing trainers with jeans. I could pick out a million things wrong with them together, but today I'm in an "eh, whatever." mood so anything and everything goes. A mood where everything but nothing bothers you - like wanting the scream at everyone but apologising immediately afterwards. It's a very strange and unexplained section on the spectrum of human emotion. I have lived in the UK my entire life, but for some reason I still expected there to be a summer that lasted more than 48 hours to enjoy. It's almost July I haven't seen any serious sun - quite sad actually. If you're a denim jeans lover like me, you will know the torture of wearing jeans when it's unseasonably and unexpectedly warm outside. It can just be so uncomfortable, but due to my mood today, I'm wearing these classic blue jeans despite to sun-less, heat-filled day. In my opinion, blue denim is one of the most under-rated yet over-worn fabrics of this millennium, not just this generation, the entire millennium. There is a hidden element of class in a simple blue jeans, and the colour is so versatile and easy to dress. On one of my many wishlists, there are a pair of Levi jeans, the very classic. The denim dream was invented by Jacob Davis and Levi Strauss in 1873 and although blue jeans are particularly identified with American culture, especially the American Old West; I recognise them as the worldwide trend that never ends. I love blue jeans!
Jumper - TK Maxx
Coat - Next
Jeans - Topshop
Shoes - Sports Direct (Nike)
Bag - gift

Snappy Shopping Day

26 June 2014

Eldwick, Bingley, West Yorkshire BD16, UK
I have honestly been waiting for this day all week. You know when you have a day in the week, that you have designated to a much deserved event that you can't wait for? That day is today. Most people wouldn't be as excited about what I'm excited about but I've been working most of the week so I can't wait. Today, is shopping day. Bit of an anti-climax for some, but I haven't been shopping for a few weeks so I am very excited to stroll the streets of Leeds and enter every shop I come across. Shopping is like my yoga, some people do certain things to relax or 'self-indulge'; shopping is my go-to activity for this. A lot of the time, I enjoy walking around, window shopping and eating out, not buying a single item. And with the new Trinity Shopping Centre in Leeds which is huge, there are shops or every kind in there. I'm also a bit of a food lover so eating out is an excited experience on it's own. Whenever I go shopping, I always like to wear the comfiest clothes, that are also easy to get on an off when trying clothes on. My top tip would be to wear as little layers as possible to make changing clothes much easier. I love this oversized, long jumper because it's woolly and warm, but also stretchy and easy to get on an off without completely ruining my hair. I may be alone on this, but whenever I spend an entire day of shopping, I often find myself buying little bits and bobs here and there and throwing them into my bag, cluttering it up. So I'm bringing my oversized leather bag that's lightweight and easy to carry - which also means I will be able to hold a few shopping bags in there too. When's your next style shop?
Jumper - Topshop
Leggings - Topshop
Boots - Dorothy Perkins
Bag - Next

Style Crush - Jourdan Dunn

24 June 2014

Eldwick, Bingley, West Yorkshire BD16, UK
She was recently my 'Woman Crush Wednesday' and I still absolutely adore Jourdan Dunn. I first saw her during the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show in 2012 when she appeared on the catwalk in a robot-inspired outfit. Since then, I have followed Jourdan and her career as she becomes an amazing supermodel. Not only is she a style crush of mine, but she's also an inspiration achieving so much so young. For example, in 2008, she was the first black model to walk a Prada runway in over a decade. At 16, Jourdan made her runway debut in the New York shows in autumn 2007, walking in shows for Marc Jacobs and Polo Ralph Lauren And, she recently announced she has signed as the new face of Maybelline New York. Jourdan's style is usually very chic, but she also incorporates some of her urban London style into her outfits. My favourite look of Jourdan's is the first picture above, I love the shapes used in both outfit pieces paired with the shoes. She looked amazing when she attended the Burberry Prorsum SS14 Collections: Men runway show last week, wearing only a t-shirt and jeans but still being able to look amazing. In November 2013, she won "Model of the Year" at the Harper's Bazaar Women Of The Year Awards and she was one of the British models wearing bespoke looks created by British designers during the 2012 Olympics closing ceremony, alongside one of my favourite models, Naomi Campbell. Jourdan has modelled for an endless list of companies, including some of my favourites like Topshop, YSL and Burberry. Jourdan Dunn is definitely one of my biggest style crushes. 
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