The Secrets of Winter Style

30 November 2015

I hate the cold and the cold hates me. As a Northerner, enduring the colder temperature is nothing new. However, being cold is the most uncomfortable and demotivating state I think I can ever be in. The chillier weather makes me lazier, sleepier and encourages procrastination. I like the snow, but only when I’m inside. Some people get rosy red cheeks during this time of year, whereas I get head colds and dry skin. Walking around dressed as the Michelin Man all day isn’t always ideal – despite feeling like the only alternative to being wrapped in a duvet.

Luckily, one of the biggest winter trends is also the warmest trend to hit the runway: faux fur. And more specifically in coats. Faux fur has developed so much over time, from an itchy and irritating plastic mess to giving an insulating and cosy feeling. The greatest thing about faux fur is that it’s available for an affordable price and in so many different styles.

My favourite thing about the winter time are jumpers. There’s no going wrong with a jumper, it’s impossible to wear one incorrectly. Living in the North means it’s acceptable to wear jumpers all year round, and no one is surprised when the winter wools start appearing in August. I have a special fondness for oversized jumpers, they’re easy to hide and feel snug in while still being on-trend. Jumpers, or sweaters, make great layers to stay warm and the woollier the better.

Finally, hosiery. This little gem is always forgotten and underestimated. There are so many different ways to experiment with tights in particular, including leggings. In many high street stores, basic black tights of any denier are inexpensive and durable for the colder season. There are so many different designs used with tights and leggings, it’s impossible not to find one you’re drawn to. The great thing about the wintry season is being able to wrap up warm and cosy whether you’re inside or out; and the trends are always adaptable.

My Desert Island Movies

27 November 2015

The game "Desert Island" is very simple: you're stuck on a desert island for an infinite amount of time. You can only take a handful of items with you, however for today's post, all my items are DVDs. 

Next Blogger Network Event in Soho | #NBNevent

24 November 2015

I was recently invited to a blogger event by Next at the Soho Hotel in London. With a 4am start, the day was filled with fun, food and plenty of bloggers. Take a look below!

My New Phone + Giveaway!

20 November 2015

If you follow me on Twitter, you'll know I recently got rid of my no-good iPhone 5 and finally treated myself to an iPhone 6s. It's not often that I'll splash out on new technology, but when your phone is dying at 80%, I think it's time for an upgrade.

The Superstar Setting Spray

17 November 2015

Soho, London, UK
I work pretty long hours during the week and I often find that around halfway through the day my make-up doesn't look as great as it did when I initially applied it. This is most likely due to the huge amount of rushing around I do, as well as the weather conditions and the complete mess I make when eating. Looking for a setting spray online was quite difficult as there are so many to chose from and a lot of YouTubers or beauty gurus recommend sprays that are just too far out of my price range. 

this is how my week goes

15 November 2015

Eldwick, Bingley, Bingley, West Yorkshire BD16, UK
this is how my week goes
My style has evolved massively over the past year and that's fairly evident from my Polyvore page and choice of outfits. From the beginning of Anika May, I believed the crazier the better, the most I had going on in one look equalled the best I was going to look. As I've grown up, that's changed quite a bit, and although I tend stick to a simpler palette, I still like to make a look interesting.

Today is a Leggings Day

11 November 2015

Leeds, West Yorkshire, UK
I've recently been trying to wear all the clothes in my closet. Not all at once obviously, but there are some items I just never seem to put on any more and I think it's time for this to change. After having an enormous dig through my bits and bats and cleaning out as much as possible, I managed to fill a charity bag and two shoe boxes (which I'll be using for the Shoebox Appeal). Alongside the pile of things to go away, was the pile of this to try on and wear more often - which is how I cam across a few items in today's look. 

What to Do When You're Uninspired

9 November 2015

The most obvious answer would be to: find inspiration; but there are plenty of ways to do this without it feeling like a burden.
Get online.
This is something I usual do without effort anyway, but one the ways I find inspiration in many forms is from other people. Social media such as Instagram and Tumblr are my favourites for finding the perfect photo or post idea. Likewise, Pinterest has the ability to create ideas and inspire in every category on the earth, from weddings to house interiors and workouts.
I have quite a lot of boards dedicated to fashion and style, as well as some of the other loves like beauty, TV shows and even food. All of a sudden, I could be scrolling through a feed and come up with an idea the exact moment I'm not expecting it. Social media is great for learning from others while getting to know new people simultaneously.

Brilliantly Bold

6 November 2015

Sometimes dressing in in a bold dress on a dull day is what you need. The weather is gloomy ad winter is setting in so why not throw on some heels, your favourite jewellery and act like you're a total diva?

Beat the Monday Blues

2 November 2015

It's very common to get a little down on Sunday evenings, I certainly do. This is for one reason: Monday is approaching. By Monday morning, I'm never that motivated even though I have plenty of energy following a fun-filled weekend. 
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