Career Goals: Be Happy

29 July 2015

There are hundreds of thousands of people that could spend days talking about how much they hate their job. They could describe every abominable moment of the working week without a single detail missing, from the unnecessarily packed trains, buses or traffic jams to the constant sound of a pretentious manager and wiseacre workmate. Not that I struggle with this on a daily basis, but from working 35 hours a week I'm started to see a generic adult routine setting in, I have decided one career goal: to be happy
Financially, it's not the best option. I live in the North which is a little easier on my current account but I'm also 19 and haven't been working for a full year so my pockets aren't exactly tearing at the seems. I'm so happy that I have been able to find a job in such an established corporation, where I'm able to learn more about the real world that I was every taught during my education years. However, being an employee has also helped me to realise it's very easy to get lost in the crowd. My day begins at 6:30am and I could go through the day to 5:00pm without remembering anything that happened - it's actually quite scary. 
Jumping around from job to job isn't the way for me to find happiness in employment. Sometimes it's not even the job that makes me smile, it could be a great conversation or a manager that shows realy confidence in me.
Blogging full time would be the ultimate dream, to spend all day writing and editing is the equivalent to a online sanctuary. My interests vary, it's not difficult for me to dive into a project as I like to keep busy. It may result in me trying brand new experiences and taking on unfamiliar job roles. But I know, that in 20 years, the last thing I desire is to wake up dreading the journey to an industry I detest. Ambition isn't something that's considered to be one of my traits, but determination to aim higher just never seems to fade. 

How to Cure Boredom

26 July 2015

Get crafty
I often act like I'm an artistic person. Although I studied graphic design in school, I'm far from a Lee Krasner or Vivienne Westwood. But when I'm struggling to find something to do, it's nice to pull out all those expensive art supplies I keep buying and actually try to use them. Even if it's drawing a simple picture or (an attempt at) painting the Yorkshire scenery. 

By getting stuck in a page-turning book, the time passes ever so quickly. There's nothing better than getting lost in a captivating plot no matter what the storyline or genre. It's a great way to pass time, but I also use reading to expand my vocabulary which is very helpful for me. I quite like the idea of being able to use a wider range of words, which works for me as someone who is trying to develop their journalism techniques. 

Refine a skill
To expands techniques, you must be able to have the right skill level. This applies to just about anything and the only way to getting better at something is to practise. I've tried, there's no shortcut. Finding that urge of motivation and working hard soon takes your mind away from how dull the day was. 

Play a game
Competition is in my blood. I'm a fierce Mario Kart player and will happily play every track until I win each one. There's no chance of mercy if I play monopoly and a solid game of hide and seek will feel more like the Hunger Games. Not that games have to be that serious, but they easily cure boredom even if you're alone. There are plenty of free games online that you could get lost in and thousands that's spend hours glued to a games console! 

Get outside/work out
Walking is one of my favourite things to do this summer, and strangely enough - so is working out. My playlists are ready to go and I cam happily stroll across the Leeds Liverpool canal for hours. Pack a bag full of snacks and drinks and head out the door. If you hate walking, why not just sit outside and absorb your surroundings? Take in the great things this season has to offer and you'll quickly end up in deep thought. Before you know it, an hour or so has passes! 

De-Clutter Your Life

23 July 2015

Reconsider your routines
Sometimes sticking to the same thing every day means an out-of-the-blue task becomes a shock to the system. It's good to have structure, especially with a very busy lifestyle. But it's also important to remember we must enjoy life and value spare time we have. Trying a new routine and mixing things up will help get some of those tasks on the never-ending to-do list to calm down.

Reduce commitments
There's a saying, it's something to do with spreading butter too thin on toast. The exact wording always slips my mind but I'll never lose the real meaning behind it. When we're constantly multitasking we naturally lose track of time and eventually energy. It's not always easy for everyone, but prioritising certain responsibilities will wash a way a little clutter.

Enjoy the good bits
Majority of the working world have very busy lives. It's hard to de-clutter because there seems to be so much and it's difficult to know where to start. That's why it's vital we treasure special moments that could occasionally be once in a lifetime chances. Many people have bucket lists or constantly carry a camera so they can get the very best out of what life has to offer.

Write things down
When I have the time to really sit down and thing about de-cluttering my life. I like to write everything down. Just grabbing a pen and paper and listing everything and anything I can think of. Visual aids help my brain to stop stressing and it's much easier for me to focus if I see all my obstacles in front of me.

5 Things I've Learned by Growing Up

20 July 2015

You define your confidence.
I'm still a very shy person. I think that's a trait I'll always have but I'm okay with it. I was never okay with how low my confidence used to be. Nowadays, I still get nervous when there's a lot of attention on me, but my immediate thought is no longer a negative one. I don't automatically think people are looking at me because they've spotted one of my insecurities. That's all because I slowly began to realise my increase in confidence is all about what's in my mind, not what I can see in the mirror. I began to adopt the "I don't care" attitude about a lot of things which can be a blessing and a curse. When I shop, I don't buy clothes two sizes bigger or avoid shoes with heels, and that's a pretty big step for me.

Turn comparison into motivation.
It's incredibly easy to see another blogger, or just another person and begin over analysing and comparing what you have with what they have. It's not difficult to scroll through Instagram and immediately begin to correlate appearances. When I first started blogging, I used to compare my blog with every other blog I came across - it's not healthy. Now when I stalk other blogs, (which I live to do), I realise how this amazing community is expanding and how much I love being a part of it. It become motivation to continue doing what I love rather than jealously and a really unhealthy attitude.

I want to see the world.
There's something so fascinating when learning about new places. Developing the mind and beginning to understand cultures and different ways of living keeps each day interesting. Do research from home and creating Pinterest boards is fun, but I know my future plans include jetting off to every edge of the Earth. A different view every month is what I'd like to achieve and my journey to Oslo taught me that. Travelling is an experience that can be very humbling, but also opens your eyes to the world around you.

I want/need more friends.
I know followers aren't friends, but I can't lie, having those few people say nice things to you every so often is something that makes me feel all warm and fuzzy. It doesn't have to be a comment, it could be a tweet or even a tumblr message. I'm not exactly the most the social butterfly in the North, but I know how much I love the social aspect of blogging - it's something I really want to expand.

The working world is not all it's cracked up to be.
I can't wait to one day say "started from the bottom now we're here" because at the moment, the bottom isn't too fun. School always made out like the working world was going to be an easy journey. Once you're done with education, you'd immediately get a job (doesn't happen) and success just flows in (doesn't happen either). It takes a whole lot of hard work and elbow grease to work your way to the top, and at 19 I still have a long way to go.

Not So Summer Wishlist

17 July 2015

you're gone and i gotta stay...
A lot of bloggers and writers are focusing on the best of a summer closet. As someone who isn't summer best friend, I'm excited for autumn fashion to kick in. Polyvore is the best place for me to make wishlists. It's like window shopping without having to move. I always point out my style would be much better if all clothing was free, but I'm happing making sets for today. This first item on this "Not So Summer" wishlist is this amazing sweater by Tory Burch. I initially came across this jumper after browsing Tory Burch's site looking out for a new pattern to splurge on. Although their lines are not always in my price range, I couldn't resist adding this piece to my wishlist. It's made of solid and foil-printed merino wool, a modern way to incorporate the AW15 trend of metallics into your look.
I absolutely adore the Watch by Uniform Wares from My usual style of accessory is quite shiny and glamorous, rose gold is one of my favourites, but I was drawn to this watch for it's unique but effective simple. The layout is so simple, and monochrome is yet another trend returning for the fall.
Finally, my number one wishlist items are the black skinny jeans by Saint Laurent. I found them on Vestiaire Collective along with a whole other collection. The slim fit jeans would fit in perfectly with my ever-growing winter wardrobe and pair well with so many items. They're one of the most popular types of jeans after growing fashionable among celebrities. It's not difficult to combine this piece with plenty of other items, and could easily become that must-have item this season.

Style Crush: Kylie Jenner

15 July 2015

Not a lot of people love the Kardashians, I used to be one of those people. In no way am I some crazy superfan, but I can't deny one thing, Kylie Jenner has an amazing sense of style. At 17, her wardrobe is to die for. The rest of the family have a pretty nice wardrobe, but I have always been drawn to Kylie's in particular. She has always picked choices that compliment her body shape and personality, which gives her that extra kick of confidence. All you have to do is scroll through KJ's instafeed to find plenty of selfies and full outfit shots, she's well on her way to becoming a social media queen. One thing I really like about Kylie's sense of style is that she appreciates how stunning basic pieces look. Sure, the odd Balmain dress here and there looks fantastic, but some of my favourite Kylie looks are casual ones, and she could only be wearing two colours. She doesn't feel the need to dress like a circus tent to get attention which is exactly what I would describe as "wardrobe goals". There are plenty of Pinterest boards and Tumblr blogs dedicated to Kylie's style and ability to look absolutely fabulous on any random day of the week.

New CID Cosmetics i-polish Review

14 July 2015

 I love trying out new nail colours for the brighter seasons. It's an easy way to add a splash of colour to an outfit without over-doing it on accessories. I've found a brighter nail polish also means I don't wear as much jewellery, simply because they brighten my hands enough. When I came across New CID Cosmetics I was intrigued by their i-polish line with comes in 11 colours online. I was drawn to the shade 'Crepe Suzette' which is an off-red, pinky colour with a hint or orange/peach - perfect for this season. The Light-Up Nail Polish was bought in a local department store, but is also available in other colours at The first thing I love about this polish is the colour, but it has many other great qualities. The easy application is something I noticed to become really valuable, especially as someone who is no expert in painting nails. With this polish in particular, I used two coats which helps with durability during the week. The colour is true to the name, and very bright which is excellent for this season. Overall, I think this varnish is a cost effective product and brilliant for the brighter seasons. It really brings the shine and gloss to your finger nails.

My Top Fitness Apps

13 July 2015

I feel like I'm constantly talking about this app. It's really one of my favourites and I use it as much as possible. The app monitors walks, runs, rides and so much more - I use it for my Sunday run. There are so many features and it continues to expand with each update. I quite like to the social aspect to this app; you can share your goals, achievements and workouts on Facebook and Twitter whenever you like. You can also share photos and workouts with friends through the app and explore the activities of others.

This app is the best way for me to keep a good track of what I eat. It doesn't necessarily help me lose weight but it does help me watch what I eat. I don't want to be logging four glazed donuts in my diary, so I avoid them. The app keeps track of calories as well as other diet figures so it's really easy to control your daily intake. Not only can you log branded foods and drinks, but also note down what exercise you've competed and for how long, this also shows up in your planner and gives you an all-round summary at the end of the day.

I came across this app after it was recommended by Ali Simpson though a YouTube video back in 2013 and haven't stopped using it since. As someone who absolutely hates working out and any form of real exercise, this app subtly forces me to do a little bit every night. The app features seven work out loves that you complete as many times as you like and you're done. You can pick between voice coaches and each move is incredibly easy to follow. They're basic positions that can be done in the home without any equipment and only take seven minutes to complete. The app features challenges to help motivate you too!

What to Do When You're Bored in the Office

10 July 2015

The busy ISA season has slowed down by quite a bit which means there's those odd few moments where I receive the opportunity to feel bored at work. I like to keep my mind active and busy, so its difficult to refrain from reaching the ultimate point of boredom. There are many sneaky tasks I can do without becoming the office slacker. I still complete my workload, but on occasion, there's just very little to do!

Write a blog post.
Writing is something I love to do. I aspire to develop my skills to the highest level and expand my vocabulary too. With a notepad on every corner, it's almost impossible not to jot down a few ideas that would otherwise get lost in the back of my mind. In fact, this post was written on a very slow Monday morning. It's easy to concentrate due to the quiet atmosphere and helps the time pass very quickly!

Stretch your legs.
I'm sure there's an office regulation that states a worker must move around every so often. This is also the ideal method to staying awake. I'm not suggesting a twenty minute stroll, but taking a few minutes to focus on our mind on something other than how dull the day is really helps. A short saunter is a quick fix and extremely beneficial in helping the time pass by. You could make a hot drink, and before you know it, it's 5pm.

The most dangerous but most enjoyable approach to passing time. It's a skill that I've mastered over the years, and I'm now at the point of being able to daydream about just about anything. In about five minutes, I can easily slip into another world without trying - granted I have completed all the tasks that need to be done for the day. Daydreaming is a last resort, but sure helps the clock tick faster.
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Office Incognito

7 July 2015

There's a heatwave in July and I'm wearing as little colour as possible, not surprise there. Although, the one surprise is that I have managed to take the heat. Between the mix of thunderstorms and blazing sun sessions, the UK has felt a little more like the rainforest and no one can every predict what the weather will be. Dressing for the summer can be difficult, but dressing for the office is even harder. Luckily, where I work, the dress code rather casual and it's rare a dress sense becomes a real issue. On a Monday morning, I'm half asleep and surviving on coffee and almond slices so I don't exactly put too much effort into my outfit. However, I do like to look as if I did actually try so wearing these heeled ankle boots by Next not only makes my legs look a lot longer, but also that tiny bit slimmer which is always a bonus for me. I've entitled this outfit "office incognito" as I can easily wear al-black but still feel like there was an element of effort in this look.
Dress // made for me
Jacket // Miss Selfridge
Boots / Next

Style Crush: Olivia Palermo

3 July 2015

I always have a little style envy for anyone who lives in The Big Apple but Olivia is by far one of my favourites. It seems she's able to wear just about any colour or style and still make it look chic. She oozes self confidence and easily intimidates competition. I first saw Olivia on The City, a show featuring another one of my favourite fashionistas, Whitney Port. Olivia was the mean girl, the one everyone loved to hate, and soon made NYC her own. She's now married to Johannes Huebl (an incredibly handsome German model) and working hard to build up her brand and blog. Although Olivia's work ethic is also a great aspiration, her style in particular always catches me and she never fails to impress. Olivia is one of the only celebrities I look out for during the Fashion Week period as she continues to promote elegance and luxury through her personal style and the designers she chooses to wear. Although I highly doubt Olivia is as evil as The City made her seem, I still want her wardrobe.
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