The Perfect Pressed Powder

29 January 2016

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When looking for the right powder, it can be really difficult to find one that's the right colour, will blend well with foundation and has a light but long-lasting texture. After many months of use, I think I've finally found the right one for me.

My UK Bucket List

24 January 2016

I may have my own blogging bucket list, and then a personal, ever-expanding bucket list, but I've also created a bucket list specifically linked to the United Kingdom. It's the place I was born, the place I wake up to every day and a great place to explore. This list could also contain a few ideas for those overseas who plan of taking a trip across the pond.

Blogger Breaks Are Neccessary

12 January 2016

There are a lot of bloggers who write whole blog posts on why they need a break. Explaining every reason why they need a pause from the social world or a few days or even weeks away from the big bright screen. Full-time bloggers depend on their blogs for income as well as a hobby, so when taking a break, they feel the need to totally and completely explain their motives.

NYC Bound: Fashion Essentials for Traveling

8 January 2016

Unless you’re a seasoned expert, packing your bag for a trip can be frustrating, especially when it’s an extended stay. Traveling to a locale where you’ll need warm and bulky clothes, like New York City, can be tough. Fortunately, though, our packing tips will put you at ease with the essential fashion you need, for effortless jet-setting to your next destination.

Call It Casual Saturday

5 January 2016

I found myself in wonderland

My favourite thing about creating sets on Polyvore is that I get to discover new items to add to my wishlist, the list that is only ever getting longer.
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