Style Crush: Chrissy Teigen

31 October 2015

Everyone adores Chrissy for her humble personality and relatable sense of humour. She also has an amazing sense of style making her the ultimate style crush.
I can't be the only one looking forward to Chrissy's future maternity style!
One thing I've noticed is that Chrissy has a really fun style that's always chic. She doesn't usually go out of her way to look good, and has the confidence to make every ensemble effortless. Chrissy's sense of style is likely to come from her amazing experience in fashion and great relationship with some of the world's biggest designers. She is a huge fan of dresses, and has a naturally feminine approach to chosing the gown for her. 
Whether it's a velvet red carpet or a New York stroll, Chrissy can easily rock the mini or full-length. The Sports Illustrated model has a marvellous figure, but will often be spotted wearing a pair of killer heels to elongate her legs and increase her level of sex appeal. I also think Chrissy's personality shines through in some of the pieces she wears. For example, at the Spike Guys Choice Awards in 2014, Chrissy wore this amazing bright yellow number by by Three Floor. The dress is short, fun and playful which matches Chrissy's bright nature and smile. 
Her outfits manage to remain chic and never fall short, making Chrissy one of my favourite style crushes to date.

Simple Stripes

28 October 2015

As a few of my reader may know, my mother has worked in the fashion industry her entire life. Being in that environment a few times has helped me to realise how much a simple look can go a long way. Sure, wacky and wonderful pieces are to being admired for creativity, but there's something like the simplest of styles that has always caught my eye, whether it's in the sewing room or on the catwalk. This dress has become one of my favourite pieces because it's complex but simple at the same time - if that's even possible. It's a basic A-line design, with no side seams or sleeves. The dress is cotton-jersey which is easily one of the most comfortable fabrics besides wool.
The blend of colours is what makes it stand out and they're contrasted in a stripe pattern which immediately catches the eye. The red, white and blue printed dress was one of my favourites while travelling around Oslo, and is the dress I'm wearing in my profile picture on this page. It also happens to be the dress I'm wearing on my Contact page - I really like this dress.
The best quality is that it's so easy to dress up or down and pair with many different colours. The use of primary colours makes the dress much more versatile. In today's look, which is quite light for the time of year, I opted to make the Primark piece the centre of my look, surrounding it with black. 
I love nothing more than a simple pattern - what's your favourite look?
Dress - Primark // Cardigan - F&F // Shoes - Evans // Bag - TK Maxx

The Perfect Movie Night

25 October 2015

There's nothing greater that to stay in and get cosy during Autumn. It's the perfect season to storm through your Netflix list or catch up on your favourite DVDs. An intimate night in is the perfect weekend idea and the best way to get together with friends and family for light-hearted fun. There are are a few essentials needed to make a movie night perfect:
The perfect TV
For a film night to be complete, you need something to watch the films on! The Panasonic Viera has recently caught my eye, mainly for the amazing 4K quality. I'm not as tech-savvy as I like to think, but when finding out about this 4K television, I knew it had the be included in my essentials. 4K resolution is a much higher quality than the standard HD most people settle with; plus, the idea of my future husband (Chris Evans) on a bigger and better screen is a win-win situation!
Snacks, snacks and more snacks
I couldn't imagine a movie night without a gallon of popcorn and a never-ending supply of sweets. Hot food is also a bonus for a great night in, the unhealthier the better. Pizzas and takeaways are the cheapest and quickest way to go without making too much of a mess. Autumn is the season for hot chocolate, and hundreds of mini marshmallows!
Little lights
As it gets a lot darker during this time of year, I always like to add a little splash of light the lift the mood during a film night. Fairy lights are ideal as they won't take away from the picture shown on the screen and will still create a great vibe and ambience in the room. I also adore candles (they're all I ever seem to talk about), so whenever I get an opportunity to light some Yankee Candles around the home, I jump at the chance. They'll also hide the greasy pizza scent that usually films the room.
Blankets and cosy cushions
For a cosy night in, the more blankets the better - bring a duvet if necessary. While the crazy cold breeze continues outside, a movie evening brings in the best warmth and any excuse to cuddle up in some faux fur. I love using massive cushions or beanbags to melt into and snuggle up in. They help to create a great atmosphere which is fundamental for a marathon of movies. 
Plenty of options
Sometimes it can be really difficult to find one film to watch that will satisfy everyone, that's why I always have a few alternatives up my sleeve or go for the all-out movie marathon. My little sister and I often plan ahead for what we'll watch. For a super girly night in, the classics are essential. However, no one ever says no to a little Disney all-nighter. Or if no one can decide, I'm perfectly happy to watch every Chris Evans film for the night.
Sunday evening is one of the best times to have a movie night before the big week of work ahead - let me know if you try it out at @itsanikamay
This post is in collaboration with Panasonic.

Why the Opinions of Others Shouldn't Bring You Down

21 October 2015

"How do you maintain such a care-free attitude?"

Getting here wasn't easy. There was no rainbow-filled road surrounded by sunshine and smiles, it took a few down days and plenty of eye-opening experiences to realise the only opinion that really matters is mine. If you've followed my blog for a while, you'll know I grew up as a painfully shy introvert surrounded by family and friends who were quite the opposite. I often found it very difficult to find someone to relate to, which made me feel more uncomfortable in my own skin.As time passed, my teenage years were not simple. Like most, there were amazing moments and areas I would rather forget. But each event has helped to shape the person I am today.

My personality hasn't changed, I still have the same sense of humour and traits, but my train of thought and mindset altered in a way that makes me much more confident. It's almost heart-warming to look back at how much I have come out of my shell... as narcissistic as that sounds. I understand not everyone is in my position, but over my nineteen years of life, there are a few tips I stick by that help keep my brain happy

Develop an attitude. A level of my confidence comes from my attitude, as in that weird teenage "I hate everything" attitude you develop from around fourteen onwards. There's a part of this outlook that really helps with ignoring the 'haters'. This doesn't mean you have to say anything, but it's all in your head. Get the brain in the right place, and the rest will follow. Having a strong attitude has helped me to gain a tough skin which is handy in the working world. If you have the right attitude to a poor opinion, it won't mean anything to you.

Don't compare. This will always be a no-no. I learned the hard way and it wasn't pleasant. Sometimes things other people say have no meaning or purpose. There are mean people everywhere, and sadly it's something that one person doesn't have the power to change.  Instead of repeating the harsh words over and over (because I know that's what you do), try and wipe them completely out of your mind by acknowledging the comment with pride and moving on.

Embrace it. I think part of the reason the opinion of others got to me was because I actually cared about their opinion. My mind instinctively became troubled at the idea of someone disliking me or finding something wrong with me - not the way to go. This tip goes hand in hand with having a confident attitude, as it's time for our generation to be selfish, but in a good way. Just think: "it doesn't actually matter"... or be super Sasha Fierce feisty and take it as a compliment. 

So, when another voice gets to you, what do you do? 

Why I Want to Travel the World

19 October 2015

There are plenty of people who dream of travelling from city to experience the most each has to offer; I am one of those people. After visiting Oslo earlier in the year, I've come to realise how much I have the "wanderlust fever" and have embraced a large need to explore.

There's just so much to see.

Every step of a journey is one I enjoy. From packing, to the ride to the airport - it's all extremely exiting. In 2013, I went to Paris on the Eurostar and would love to do it again before the end of the year. Paris is one of the greatest cities in the world and like New York City, manages to satisfy all my interests. They're fashion filled and contain plenty of amazing sites. Paris and New York are easily two of the most photogenic cities in the world, alongside Sydney, Marrakesh, Tokyo and Florence.

The list of places I wish to visit endless, and putting together a list of importance seems impossible. However, the reason I want to explore remains the same: to learn and to experience. Working in a busy city five days each week means I see the same scenes all the time. To look at something new or live in a different way, even for a short while, is stimulating and always impressive. 

Fashion has always been on of my biggest interests, so another reason to visit a new area is to take in the different kinds of street and designer style around the world. I love the idea of a new piece to my wardrobe, from a different culture or country to store as a cherished memory. A new favourite of mine is this Tokyo inspired Spiral rucksack*, kindly sent to me buy after I won their Insider's Tip competition back in September. The graphic print mimics the bright lights of Tokyo - one of the cities towards the top of my list. It's bright and colourful and makes the perfect carry-on.

There are hauls of items and accessories I couldn't live without while travelling; from my iPad (and Spotify) to my growing collection of notebooks and diaries. Bringing in another reason I want to travel the world: I get to buy stuff. Shopping is the best friend that never says no and I love shopping around in unfamiliar cities.

My plans to travel are in motion, which means saving every ounce of my wage and adding plenty to my Pinterest boards and Tumblr blog. What do you love about travelling?

Nudes Eyeshadow Review

13 October 2015

Recently, I've found myself becoming totally and completely obsessed with eyeshadow. Because I have a darker skin tone, finding colours that blend rather than contrast can be a challenge. I like experimenting with metallics and shimmers for a unique look, but for my everyday eye-style, I tend to keep it simple but interesting. 
The key for me to keep a unique look on my eyelids without going to far is blending colours of a similar texture and palette. So rather than mixing primary colours or brighter shades, I chose this nude palette to try out as it has been immensely popular among bloggers and vloggers. The product has been on the market for a while and become very successful over the summer season. What I like most is the wide variety of colours that still blend well together. IT's very common to find palettes that have a load of shades just thrown together with very little thought. The multiple colours features in The Nudes Palette mean it's versatile for all skin tones and very easy to use for beginners. It's hard to go wrong when each shade matches the next.
I also adore the texture and tone of the eyeshadows. They're not sticky or thin, and aren't dusty either. If velvet could be an eyeshadow, it would be The Nudes Palette. It's rare I struggle to find faults with a lot of beauty products, but I have found this palette to be perfect for everyday and for night. There's a colour to match every skin tone and the shimmery option to spice up a normal look. It's a great palette to create a subtle smokey eye, the ideal eyeshadow style for autumn.
This palette has become one of my favourite beauty products to use on a regular basis and surely lives up to the extensive publicity it has received. Have you tried The Nudes Palette? Is it successful in your eyes?

Late Season Garden Party

9 October 2015

Wedges are the perfect shoe for early autumn. Not only are they the easiest form of heel to walk in, but they also come in the widest variety which makes most styles easy to dress up or down. This evening I'll be attending a garden party in a rustic-style venue with a few friends. It's quite rare to attend gatherings hosted outdoors during this time of the year but I never say no to a shindig. I think my layered dress adds an element of complexity to my outfit without becoming too overbaring and bright for the season. A blend of primary colours is usually associated with summer so I tried to stick to a basic tone throughout while still giving off that slightly formal tone. My nude wegdes are amazingly comfortable so I'm able to wear them all night; the shade blends with every other colour in my wardrobe which makes them one of my very favourite pairs.
Denim jackets are also a statement summer item, but as this party isn't going to be in the freezing cold autumn rain, I decided it would be fitting to include this warmer piece to brighten up and casualize my look. I love to carry my tiny Topshop purse to every event I go to so I couldn't leave it out of this outfit. 
Jacket - Topshop (similar) // Dress - Next // Bag - Topshop (similar) // Shoes - Next (review)

A Big Thank You!

6 October 2015

Some very exciting news has just reached my ears! So, remember a while back when I asked anyone and everyone to vote for me during the Insider's Tip competition. Thanks to all the amazing people who took the time to vote, I WON! The prize is a super stylish Spiral rucksack which I can't wait to receive.  I just thought I would write this post to truly thank everyone who took a minute or so to follow the link and vote. The competition was extremely exciting for me as a new blogger and is a first-time I experience I hope to never forget. 
So thank you so much, and thank you for visiting Anika May.


6 Reasons I Adore Autumn

4 October 2015

Many would conclude it's easier for me to list things I don't like rather than things I do like. However, one thing I absolutely love is Autumn. This season is great in so many ways, and like spring, it brings exciting times and great spirits. 

#1 The weather is manageable enough for me.
Although there can occasionally be days where the weather is like a crisp winter day in the morning and turns to the middle of summer by noon, I actually find it a lot easier to dress for this kind of weather. It's weather that's not too hot function in and never too chilly to handle. During this season, the office I work in is also usually a great temperature which means I get get on with my job without shivering or sweating - always a bonus.
#2 Autumnal style is perfection
I absolutely love the style that comes with this season. Whether it's adding layers with faux fur or mixing the amazing colours this time of year brings, I love experimenting with my style. I can try on turtle necks without worrying about overheating and finally wear the (many) capes and cardigans I've collected over the summer. Over time, it's noticeable my wardrobe contains more winter pieces that summer styles simple from living in the North for nineteen years, so it's exciting getting to try on everything I own. 
#3 Cosy nights
And the very best of cosy nights: oversized jumpers, candles, romance films, cuddles, fluffy socks, blanket and hot chocolate. The list is endless, but now the summer is really over, I look forward to coming home, curling up into the fur blanket and going through my Netflix list or flying through chapters of my favourite book. Autumn seems to bring some of the very best sunsets! Fireplaces and candles add a great setting for the darker evenings too.
#4 Walking through the colourful leaves
A sweet autumn walk through the brisk breeze and bright trees is the perfect thing for me. Whether it's alone or with my friends, a lot walk wrapped in scarves and happiness is the ideal way to wind down after a hard week at work. I like walking for exercise and the stamina needed to run is not really my cup of tea; so taking a long walk and watching the leaves fall is just excellent.
#5 Bonfires with cider in the woods
As I live in the 'countryside' section of West Yorkshire, there are woodlands everywhere, also accompanied by the bright red moors. A tradition among myself and my friends is to grab a few packs of cider, snacks and firewood. Setting up a bonfire surrounded by colourful trees, blankets and people you love makes for a great autumn Friday night. This doesn't have to be over the top, but is still plenty of fun.
#6 My bed feels cosier
As everywhere outside my bed is reasonably cold, climbing under my many layers in the softest pyjamas and my favourite Spotify playlist going sounds amazing right now. Because I work all week, I naturally wake up quite early in the morning, sometimes as early as 5:30am. Looking at the clock, realising it's Sunday morning and melting back into the sheets is just a fantastic feeling and I look forward to this almost every weekend!

What do you love about this season?

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