Burgundy Beanie Magic

26 December 2016

West Yorkshire, UK
Is it just me that’s obsessed with beanie hats? Nope? Okay that’s good to know. I absolutely adore them, and there’s something about adding a beanie hat to an outfit that just alters the look… in a good way.
Today’s outfit is a super cosy one, because comfort is key. Capes are an autumn staple piece that have become a new favourite for me, and I kind of want to wear them all year round. It’s like wearing a blanket that’s social acceptable! I picked up this Steve Madden cape from TKMaxx a few years back, and have adored it ever since. Not only is it still in amazing condition, but it’s an incredibly thick blend of cotton and wool to keep me warm. Usually I can’t wear wool, but this cape is super comfy.

As the rest of the look is pretty dark, I wanted a little bit more colour to be featured, which is where the magic beanie comes in. It’s a basic cotton hat, that is probably from the men’s department but I bought it from ASOS anyway. I really like how it brightens up this look, even though it’s not an illuminous colour. I occasionally call it the magic beanie because it’s so easy to put with any look! Casual jeans and a tee, a skater dress, or even a jumper with leggings – the beanie always works. 

Faux Leather Lovin'

23 December 2016

West Yorkshire, UK
I remember being a child, and loving tops that looked like two pieces but were one. If that says a lot about me, ah well. I just thought there was something super cool about having a deceiving piece of clothing and I haven’t grown out of it… ah well.
Today, I don’t wear tops that say “purrrrfect”, but I love a good knitted jumper. I picked up this awesome top from Next a few years back and always thought it was too formal to wear with casual outfits. However, since trying to organise my wardrobe, I found this little gem and fell back in love with it. The top is a cotton/wool knit on the top, with a polyester bottom that’s super soft and silky. I love the contrast between the two fabrics. Monochrome is one of my favourite styles, so this top also looks really classy with a pair of jet black jeans.

Another little gem I adore is my faux leather jacket, a must-have for the colder seasons. I never like to splash out on leather jackets, as I usually find the affordable ones are just as good as some of the high-fashion brands, if not better. The fur neckline is also so cosy! Anything to keep me warm as I’m always a little chilly J

She My Nap Queen

20 December 2016

West Yorkshire, UK
I'm like hey, wassup, hello…. There’s something about cosy sweatshirts that just makes me unbelievably happy. Comfort is key when it comes to my fashion sense, I don’t think looking good is worth it if you’re in pain. Luckily, with my latest buy, I can look great and feel better.
Sweatshirts give me a really weird memory of primary school, because I’d always wear one over a polo shirt and it was my pride and joy. I had them in secondary school too, but I didn’t enjoy those years as much as my childhood ones. Coconut Lane is one of my favourite stores for sassy sayings and bad-ass-ness. So when I found out they were selling clothing, of course I got the first thing I fell in love with. It was actually really hard for me to choose, because I secretly wanted all of them. In the end, I chose the Nap Queen sweatshirt, because Trap Queen was basically my anthem when it was released and we all know I could sleep for the country. The amount of times I’ve said “I’m super lazy” on my blog is just embarrassing, but I finally found a shirt to suit me.
Now that winter’s in full swing, I basically sleep in a full outfit, so this sweatshirt has become key for me. It’s so cosy and warm, the lining is almost like being wrapped in a blanket! The jumper is mainly cotton, which is where most of the warmth comes from. It’s a natural fibre that is a must for winter. I definitely won’t be wearing this jumper just to head to bed, I’ll be wearing this around the house, with my favourite skinny jeans and probably on a night out! I love the cool phrases featured on most of Coconut Lane’s products (check out my post on their wall art here) and find it hard to refrain from buying basically everything on their site. There are quite a few blogger-themed prints, notebooks, sweatshirts and more. Plus, big bonus: I have a discount code to share! Yaaaaaaaaaaaasssss. Make sure to use ‘ANIKAMAY20’ at the check out to receive 20% off your order – and let me know what you get! 

5 Ways to Unwind After Work

18 December 2016

Work life is a hectic life. You enter the building stressed and often leave stressed, which makes it a lot more difficult to relax in the evening, and get other tasks done. For me, it’s really important to unwind after work, as shake off that office feeling before the night sets in. So, here are five ways to unwind after a long day!

Write down your worries, and ignore them until tomorrow
I wouldn’t live without my journal. I write down a lot of things in there, from blog post ideas to goals for the New Year, but one thing I do to unwind is note down every worry or stress from the day, to be forgotten about until tomorrow. It’s one of those “cross-the-bridge-when-we-get-to-it” things, but never procrastination. I hate coming home, and still thinking about stuff to do for work, so if I note them down, I feel less guilty about unwinding at home.

Grab a colouring book
I was actually very critical of adult colour books when they first became a huge trend. It’s just, how can colouring possibly calm someone down? Well, they do. They really do. I bought a super simple one from Waterstones (out of fear that the complex ones would stress me out more), and also downloaded the Recolor app for when I’m on the go. Colouring books are so much more relaxing than I ever expected, and I look forward to getting home and just chilling with my pencils!

Lay down somewhere comfy and cosy
I’m an incredibly lazy person, there’s no doubt about it. So any chance I get to lay down, is one I’ll take. Usually my sofa is the go-to, but I’ve started heading straight to my bed and just getting cosy for a few minutes while I chill, rather than the living room. The reason behind this, is because I try to avoid screens for the first hour or so when I get home, just to really unwind. There’s no television in my room, so I’m not tempted to lay down, watch TV and stay there for the rest of the night.

Give yourself a mini massage
I’m not the best at massaging others, but I can give myself a mini shoulder rub to chillax after work. Giving yourself a mini massage with two hands or tools is really relieving, mentally and physically. I found this awesome article with some of the best self-massage tools to buy, and they’re so affordable! Making a mini-spa in my own home is one of my favourite ways to wind down as I can’t help but feel more relaxed than usual J

Change the environment or atmosphere
There’s one thing I know for sure, when I leave work, I don’t want to think about work. I love my job, but I don’t want to be in it 24/7. Once autumn hits, it’s no secret that literally everyone becomes obsessed with candles and I’m no different. It’s almost instinctual to grab a lighter and light up everything in sight. Music is also a big yes, because it can change any atmosphere in an instant – oh how I love Spotify. There are thousands of playlists, and the acoustic-based ones have to be my favourite, they set a really nice ambience for a relaxed evening.

How do you like to unwind after a long day at work? Have a great Sunday!

Grey Days

14 December 2016

Lister Park, UK
Hope you’re having a great week! There’s something about a crisp winter day that is just exhilarating to walk in. Despite the cold, I’ve been spending a lot more time this winter, and I’m loving it. Not only do I now workout in the colder temperature (post coming soon!), but I’ve learned to appreciate the environment around me.
As much as I do adore being outside, I can’t escape the cold. This super comfy tailored coat has been in my closet for absolutely ages, and I finally decided to dust it off and bring it back. I wore it in an outfit post back in 2014 – but we don’t need to revisit that time. Back then, I loved the oversized look and I still do now. It’s a little too big for me, so I’ve officially announced this coat as oversized chic. The great thing about grey is that it’s so easy to dress with colour colours, especially lighter ones.

I feel like lighter jeans aren’t as popular now, but I still love them. I picked up this comfy pair from Next way back when, as still love them today. Likewise, this poppy-print camisole top is from the amazing TK Maxx, and is a wardrobe favourite. I think I’m definitely going to explore wearing more bright patterns in 2017 because I’m suddenly fallen for them!

Today I’m carrying my favourite bag by Boutique of Molly: the Tokyo Bag. The longer strap is great for stylish walks around the bag, and not too clunky, so I can carry all my essentials and still be hands-free!

Monochrome Madness | Wishlist

10 December 2016

West Yorkshire, UK
monochrome madness

I love a good wishlist! And it's been a crazy long time since one has been featured on Anika May. One of the biggest reasons I love wishlists (and Polyvore), is because it's like window shopping in the comfort of my own home. I love building sets with fashion items, especially the accessories!

Woolly Winter

7 December 2016

West Yorkshire, UK
Winter fashion means one thing for me, bring on the jumpers. They’re such an amazing fashion piece, and the thicker or cosier, the better. I feel like I have an endless supply of jumpers all over my house, from the amazing oversized knits to the slightly-too-small/too-scared-to-throw-away jumper. As I live in the North, I can basically wear jumpers in the summer, but chillier days means I can bring out the big guns.
Sadly, I can’t wear 100% wool because it irritates my skin, but this doesn’t stop me! I love the cosy and warm feeling a wool blend adds to jumper, so it’s the one thing I look for. Over time, I’ve been running out of ways to style jumpers, until I came across a look on Pinterest, and wanted to try it out myself. It reminds me a little bit of the drop-waist trend, and I’m feeling it!

All I needed was a jumper (check), a skater skirt (check), and over the knee boots…(check)! One thing I noticed, was that the jumper was oversized and almost as long as the skirt, so I basically copied this look. It’s something a little different for me, but I really like the unique look. I haven’t worn a skater skirt since they were the huge Tumblr trend back in ’08. Still, I hold onto little gems like this cotton number because it’s a timeless closet essential, and I can pair it with most items in my closet.

Similarly, over-the-knee boots are a new must for me. I was never into them before, until I got my fair pair and now I wear them everywhere. I adore these boots because they have a smaller heel, so I can still wear them in a formal setting without ending up with burning feet! 
Jumper – Topshop (similar)
Skirt – Topshop (similar)
Boots – Next
Bag – Topshop (similar)

Into The Woods | Gallery

3 December 2016

Eldwick, UK
One of my favourite things about living in Yorkshire is the scenery that’s simply footsteps away. It’s one of the main reasons I won’t move to London, I need these kind of views every day. I live in a tiny village in the West of Yorkshire, with moors right outside my bedroom windows. However, between the moors and my house, is this huge valley which everyone just calls “The Woods”. It’s easily become my happy place, because it’s hidden, untouched and peaceful. The only sounds you can hear are from the brook that runs through the valley and hundreds of birds. It’s one of the best places to run away to, and as it’s so close to home I’m there basically every day. 

All About That Backpack

30 November 2016

Happy last day of November! I’m making it a thing, it’ll catch on. It’s so unbelievably cold right now. Actually, it is believably cold because it’s winter, but I feel like it’s an English think to talk about how the weather is totally unexpected no matter what time of year it is. 
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