The Playsuit: A Summer Essential

27 July 2017

There have been many occasions, where I’m attending an event, going out, or heading to a party and have no idea what to wear. It’s 300 million degrees out, it’s super sweaty and I’m too lazy to find a top that pairs with my favourite shorts. What’s the best option? A playsuit.
Playsuits are very much like Marmite. Some people absolutely love them (me), and live by them (me), and will wear them at any given opportunity (also me). And some people can’t stand them. I must admit, it can get a little tricky when you’ve had one G&T too many and you can’t quite work out how to go to the bathroom properly, but despite this, they’re perfect for me. I’m quite a tall chic, so sometimes shopping for playsuits that hit the right spot can be hard. Some suits have awkward elasticated waists that are too high/too low, and some have the shortest shorts ever – and I’m not about that life.

I bought this piece from TK Maxx in one of their everlasting sales, and saw it sitting (or hanging) there all alone, so I had to buy it. The great thing about playsuits, is that they’re always comfortable, and often pair well with loads of different items in the wardrobe. In the winter, I’ve even worn an all-black playsuit with tights and a cosy cardigan. For summer, I tend to stick to a tropical print, something that’s bright and summery, but never over the top.

Playsuits have become a summer essential, not only because they’re so easy to style, but also because they look amazing on different body types. I used to be really self-conscious and think I could never pull off anything short, so the playsuit became my answer. It keeps me confident, it keeps what I like covered and it keeps me cool through the UK heatwaves.

What’s your favourite thing about playsuits? Or, what’s your summer essential? 

Exploring in Floral

15 June 2017

Eldwick, UK
Going for walks has got to be one of my favourite things to do. It’s a very basic activity, you don’t need much, but the benefits are always positive. Whenever I’m in a bad mood, not feeling well, or want to get some easy exercise in, I just go for a walk. Luckily for me, I live in quite the scenic area of Yorkshire, so a beautiful stroll is only two steps away.
What I wear on a walk depends on each day. Today, was a beautiful summer’s day so I wanted to be a little girly and threw on a floral dress from Next. Florals have been my favourite pattern since being a child. The print can come in basically any shape or size and can be worn to literally anything – which makes them awesome. Unfortunately, when I pulled up to my location, a rainstorm broke out (I knew this sudden heatwave was too good to be true) and the woods quickly filled with water. But the best thing about post-rain walks, is that everything looks SO. MUCH. GREENER. The trees and plants are even more alive!

Converse have become a big go-to shoe to me recently, and I feel like up until now, I was really taking them for granted. I’ve had this classic pair since school, and they’re still in top condition (minus the mud). I love how they add a casual twist to this look paired with a denim jacket. Converse all the way! Shop the pieces from this look below!

Burgundy Beanie Magic

26 December 2016

West Yorkshire, UK
Is it just me that’s obsessed with beanie hats? Nope? Okay that’s good to know. I absolutely adore them, and there’s something about adding a beanie hat to an outfit that just alters the look… in a good way.
Today’s outfit is a super cosy one, because comfort is key. Capes are an autumn staple piece that have become a new favourite for me, and I kind of want to wear them all year round. It’s like wearing a blanket that’s social acceptable! I picked up this Steve Madden cape from TKMaxx a few years back, and have adored it ever since. Not only is it still in amazing condition, but it’s an incredibly thick blend of cotton and wool to keep me warm. Usually I can’t wear wool, but this cape is super comfy.

As the rest of the look is pretty dark, I wanted a little bit more colour to be featured, which is where the magic beanie comes in. It’s a basic cotton hat, that is probably from the men’s department but I bought it from ASOS anyway. I really like how it brightens up this look, even though it’s not an illuminous colour. I occasionally call it the magic beanie because it’s so easy to put with any look! Casual jeans and a tee, a skater dress, or even a jumper with leggings – the beanie always works. 

Faux Leather Lovin'

23 December 2016

West Yorkshire, UK
I remember being a child, and loving tops that looked like two pieces but were one. If that says a lot about me, ah well. I just thought there was something super cool about having a deceiving piece of clothing and I haven’t grown out of it… ah well.
Today, I don’t wear tops that say “purrrrfect”, but I love a good knitted jumper. I picked up this awesome top from Next a few years back and always thought it was too formal to wear with casual outfits. However, since trying to organise my wardrobe, I found this little gem and fell back in love with it. The top is a cotton/wool knit on the top, with a polyester bottom that’s super soft and silky. I love the contrast between the two fabrics. Monochrome is one of my favourite styles, so this top also looks really classy with a pair of jet black jeans.

Another little gem I adore is my faux leather jacket, a must-have for the colder seasons. I never like to splash out on leather jackets, as I usually find the affordable ones are just as good as some of the high-fashion brands, if not better. The fur neckline is also so cosy! Anything to keep me warm as I’m always a little chilly J

She My Nap Queen

20 December 2016

West Yorkshire, UK
I'm like hey, wassup, hello…. There’s something about cosy sweatshirts that just makes me unbelievably happy. Comfort is key when it comes to my fashion sense, I don’t think looking good is worth it if you’re in pain. Luckily, with my latest buy, I can look great and feel better.
Sweatshirts give me a really weird memory of primary school, because I’d always wear one over a polo shirt and it was my pride and joy. I had them in secondary school too, but I didn’t enjoy those years as much as my childhood ones. Coconut Lane is one of my favourite stores for sassy sayings and bad-ass-ness. So when I found out they were selling clothing, of course I got the first thing I fell in love with. It was actually really hard for me to choose, because I secretly wanted all of them. In the end, I chose the Nap Queen sweatshirt, because Trap Queen was basically my anthem when it was released and we all know I could sleep for the country. The amount of times I’ve said “I’m super lazy” on my blog is just embarrassing, but I finally found a shirt to suit me.
Now that winter’s in full swing, I basically sleep in a full outfit, so this sweatshirt has become key for me. It’s so cosy and warm, the lining is almost like being wrapped in a blanket! The jumper is mainly cotton, which is where most of the warmth comes from. It’s a natural fibre that is a must for winter. I definitely won’t be wearing this jumper just to head to bed, I’ll be wearing this around the house, with my favourite skinny jeans and probably on a night out! I love the cool phrases featured on most of Coconut Lane’s products (check out my post on their wall art here) and find it hard to refrain from buying basically everything on their site. There are quite a few blogger-themed prints, notebooks, sweatshirts and more. Plus, big bonus: I have a discount code to share! Yaaaaaaaaaaaasssss. Make sure to use ‘ANIKAMAY20’ at the check out to receive 20% off your order – and let me know what you get! 
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