Garnier vs Neutrogena - Facial Frenzy

29 June 2015

I'm always looking for ways to help keep my skin clear. It can be quite sensitive, so if I don't look after it properly, breakouts happen. My diet also affects my skin a lot, but making sure I cleanse and scrub the right way is a must. There are so many different products I've tried, and it's more common for the higher-end, pricier brands sell products that are no better than an average high street label. The two brands I have fallen for are Garnier and Neutrogena, which have become two of my summer favourites. 
This is one of the first ever face washes I have bought and I absolutely love it. The smell is amazing, but the gel is still great quality. Often you find face washes that have an awesome scent but do absolutely nothing for your skin. I'm obsessed with this wash because the gel is very thick, rather than too thin and runny. The greats a great soapy solution which helps clean any extra make-up from my face.
I also chose a scrub from the same PureActive range after my success with the wash. I adore the scrub simply because it's not too harsh on my face, which means my skin won't react too badly to it. The pomegranate scrub was only bought for £2.00 (on sale) which is the best price for a scrub I've come across in a long time.
I do like to shop around for different washes and products to try out, and I'm a sucker for a great scent. This pink grapefruit has become a favourite of mine as it fills the bathroom with a great girly perfume. The facial wash is really gentle on my skin and leaves it feeling incredibly soft without taking away all the moisture which can be quite common. I tend to use this wash more on the weekend ends rather than everyday.
This wash is on of my favourites as it creates the most amazing soapy mixture and is so soft. The solution is designed to keep stress spots under control and it seems to be doing the trick for me. It helps prevent spots but also gives your skin that fresh and clean feeling that everybody loves. The tap pumps out huge lumps of fluffy foam to apply straight on your skin.
I bought this scrub recently as summer begins to set in and make-up has more of an effect on my skin due to the heat. I wanted to look for something that would really scrub away any impurities without damaging or hurting my skin. I came across this scrub (which was bought on sale for £3.00) and haven't put it down once. Although I don't use it every day, I look forward to the great, clean feeling it leaves.
This little gem is a must for days when my skin really needs to be taken care of. The brush makes it so much easier to apply and the rubber bristles work well with water and softer or sensitive skin. I highly recommend this brush wash for anyone who doesn't like using a wide range of products and just wants to aid their skin in feeling soft and fresh. Plus, the price makes it irresistible!
Neutrogena Visibly Clear 2-in-1 Wash and Mask - £3.79
I prefer this product as more of a mask than a wash as it's not something used everyday. It really helps to unclog pores and remove any dirt and impurities deep down in my skin. Unlike a lot of masks, it's very soft on the skin and doesn't feel uncomfortable once it's settled. The soft clay mask absorbs oil from the skin still leaving it moisturised and refreshed. 
Like the Garnier daily scrub, this is also very soft and prevents spots in the skin. The beads in this scrub are a little tougher  but just as effective. It works really well with my skin and doesn't damage the over-sensitive areas. I have also notices this scrub reduces the appearance of pores which is ideal for me!

My Top Interview Tips

27 June 2015

Of course interviews for different positions vary, but after the many interviews I have had before getting my job, it learned a few tips and tricks to finally reaching success.

Body language
Slouching is unattractive on the outside and it doesn't scream professionalism. Sitting straighter than an ironing board looks unnatural and isn't comfortable either. The best thing to do is sit straight, but not rigid. Have an engaged posture without coming off too informal. Putting your feet up is a no-no, it's improper and rude. Using your hands and gesturing suggests you're well-spoken, but going over the top implies otherwise.

I am one of many suffering with resting bitch face syndrome. My resting face looks like a death stare and most the time I'm not aware of it. An interview is the exact place you should be aware of it. There's no need for the full Cheshire Cat but a modest smile goes a long way. My current manager actually said one of the first things he noticed was that I was the only candidate to smile when greeted and a first impression can mean everything.

Chat, not waffle
It's nice for employers to see the colloquial side to a candidate but there's no need for them to learn your life story. Their job is to get to know the person they could possibly employ as quick as possible, so blabbing on about something that irrelevant that happened 6 years ago isn't helpful. Small-talk is the easiest bet. It's engaging without going too far and the interviewer always has the option to continue or terminate the conversation.

Don't panic
That's when a storm of words come flowing out and you lose total control of the interview. Remain calm and think before you speak. Employers don't expect an A* exam-level answer to every question. Worrying about what they're thinking or seeing throws your mind into panic mode. When you worry, it's very clear. Facial expressions change and the interview could easily pick up on this. The key is to relax, which shows you work well under pressure - even if you don't.

Be honest, show your personality
As mentioned before, the interviewers want to get to know you in a very short period of time. If they ask what your hobbies are, tell them. During my job interview, my manager asked what I like to do in my spare time: I mentioned I was a blogger, but I also said I make fantastic use of my Netflix subscription rather than giving this lengthy, bogus answer about how I like to develop my Excel skills and practise being on time. Honesty at its finest.

Prep prep prep
I'm someone who organises their day down to the hours. If I have an interview coming up, I plan the moment I wake up, the journey and so forth. I also have a back up plan as you can never rely on public transport for anything. Arriving at an interview late makes a terrible first impression that's hard to break, so it's best to arrive way too early than even two minutes late. Pack everything you need the night before and always be prepared for a long day out, even if the interview is meant to be 30 minutes long.

Dress accordingly 
This tip varies for each occupation, but wearing your Victoria's Secret tracksuit bottoms and Roshes to an office job isn't the way to go. In some cases, the interview information will include a dress code, but it's better to be safe than sorry. If you're applying for a formal job, there's no need to arrive dressed like royalty either. I used Pinterest and Tumblr to really help me decide what to wear. Seeing a few examples for the role I applied for gave me confidence that my outfit was suitable for the occasion.

Exploring Oslo: Day Three

22 June 2015

The third day was only a half day as I had to be back at the airport for very early, and I like to be on time. One place I knew I had to visit before I disappeared was the Holmenkollbakken ski jump, a world famous ski hill which has been hosting competitions since 1892. After seeing it so many times on Pinterest and getting a desperate sense of wanderlust, I bought a train ticket and headed right to the top. The reviews were not below expectation as the scenes were absolutely breathtaking. Every place you turned there was a new area of Norway to take in, the country is ridiculously stunning. The ski jump is also a museum which meant I got to learn about the history of the area and competitions held there. I also had a chance to go into the ski jump simulator, it was certainly not worth the high price but all part of the experience. I took an unhealthy amount of photos while up there and couldn't contain my excitement while looking from the astonishing landmark.
The journey home was a somber one, as I left the bright blue skies or Oslo, I landed under the gloomy glow of ol' Yorkshire. At least I took 3,000 photos.

Girl Crush: Sophia Amoruso

17 June 2015

There's nothing I love more than a real role model to aspire to. Reality stars and Hollywood wannabes seem to fill the spot too quick for some, but their success isn't very motivating. Although Miranda Priestly and Emily Charlton are two of my all-time favourite girly inspirations, I adore anyone with a real drive their career and in the fashion industry. Sophia Amoruso is the founder and owner of Nasty Gal, one of the most stylish and popular fashion stores among young women. How did Sophia reach this point? Well it all began with a little but no so little eBay store under the name of 'Nasty Gal Vintage', selling vintage designer pieces.
By 2008, Nasty Gal, (names after the 1975 album by Betty David) grew as a retail website and quickly sparked attention from social media and bloggers for it's new take on high street fashion. With a large audience, Nasty Gal also brought in a very large revenue.
For me, Sophia is particularly impressive as she always point out hard work is how she achieved her goals, there was no easy shortcut, it took dedication and time to make Nasty Gal the success it is today. Sophia handled everything in the early stages, including the buying, photography and product descriptions. Sadly, in January this year, Sophia announced she's stepping down as the CEO of Nasty Gal but it's still such a well established company, she deserves to be in my "Girl Crush" list. Today, Nasty Gal continues to grow into a mega-brand and fashion label icon. Sophia's best-selling book,  #GIRLBOSS is one of my all-time favourite non-fictions and is so inspiring. It motivated me to work so much harder on my blog, creating something I'm immensely proud of. Go Sophia!
[photo cred: 2]

Summer Ambition

16 June 2015

Summer has always been something I have battled with. But after experiencing a little taste of the travelling life, I think there's so much more to the season than I'm used to. I know summer as hayfever, busy cities and sweating all day. But to get me into the best mood for the season that's in full swing, I created a board on Pinterest named Summer Ambition, full of photos that remind me of how fun summer can be. 
Although I'm past the age of having three months off in the summer, there's still so much I want to do this year, despite being half-way through it. There aren't any beaches in Leeds that I'm aware of, but there is the occasional heat wave and BBQ opportunity that I'm not looking to miss. Summer is also the perfect time of year to experiment more with my style and actually try to add some colour to my all-black wardrobe. Shoes other than ankle boots can be worn and I no longer feel the need to go to bed at 5pm because it's dark out. One of my biggest summer ambitions is to take way more photos and blog even more. Between working full time, job hunting, blogging, writing and trying to experience absolutely every - I'm quite busy. But I can't wait until the sun hits the north and festivals break out.
What's your summer ambition? 

Exploring Oslo: Day Two

12 June 2015

With a bright an early start, the first destination was the Universitetets Botaniske Hage Tøyenhagen, also known as the Botanical Gardens. The grounds were absolutely enormous which I loved, and it was a really challenge picking between 125 photos. I'm not much of a nature person but I do appreciate great scenery and beautiful greenery. I loved the hand-made sculptures of the maple seeds, also known as 'the helicopter leaves/seeds' in Yorkshire. Inside one building, there were some gigantic lily-pad-type plants which I was just drawn to. Their roots were over 20 meters long and I read the plants can hold the weight of a small baby!
The Nobel Peace Museum was incredibly inspiring. The ground floor had an exhibition showing off the work of Malala (who's book is amazing) and Kalala. Their ventures for peace and happiness among other humans helps you to appreciate those valuable humans in the world. Unfortunately the gift shop was way out of my budget and I lost my camera that morning. I also visited Astrup Fearnley Museum of Modern Art (which you can see in the third cruise photo), a museum full of contemporary and artistic pieces - I spent way too long in there.
The Fjord cruise was on my to do list after the many hours spent revising Trip Advisor. The hour-long boat ride stopped near some of the islands in Oslo's centre and I slowly came to the conclusion I really want a boat. Not following the crowd or anything, but the idea of being able to float around wherever you desire seems like a great concept. The cruise-boat had two decks, so you were able to curl up cosy inside, or brave the windy water for a photo opportunity. I recommend this boat ride for anyone really wanting to get to know Oslo, you see plenty during the trip and can use the 24-hour public transport pass to ride as many times as you like!
The Royal Palace was another landmark I had previously spotted on Pinterest and knew had to be on my list. The building looked enormous in photos, but it's twice the size in person. The grounds were vast with open space and steps for tourists to walk around and explore. I also got to take a peak at the entrance of the University of Oslo which was a must. The architecture in the city is so exquisite and has a real, historic but old-school glamour to it. 
 I then spent the rest of the day, evening and night in area called Grünerløkka, known for streets filled with colourful graffiti art. It may not be the wealthiest area in Oslo, but the neighbourhood is rich with talent and personality. On every corner there was a piece of artwork to be found; one piece I absolutely adored was the hand-made chandelier hanging right between two buildings. The sun hits it perfectly at every angle and the colours that shimmer during the night are mesmerising. The end the day, I relaxed at outdoor bar named Blå, right in the centre of all the action. The alternative club often has live music and runs right by a river with the best views of artists at work. I would head back to Oslo just for another night in Grünerløkka!
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