25 February 2014

Eldwick, Bingley, West Yorkshire BD16, UK
 I am really excited about this review because it's a product I really love. If you've been reading my blog and following me on social networks (linked above) for a while, you'll know that I have a small but healthy obsession with candles. I like that they fill a room with a great aroma and they looks great too. As mentioned in a previous post, I quite like a fruity or floral scent which are the two candles I have chosen. The White Jasmine and Apricot Blossom candles from next were £3.50 each and have 15 hours burning time which I bought from the 'home' section inside a Next store. What I really like about these sets of candles in particular is that they come in different forms. You can buy them (with the same smells, plus plenty others) in different sized candles and even incense which you can burn the make the scent even stronger. What I also like about these candles is that they are filled with a genuine aura and the wax isn't too strong that it's overbearing either.
I have previously bought candles from shops such as B&M and Home Bargains as I was simply after some sweet smelling candles, but I found that when I burnt them, they didn't smell very nice, or quite 'waxy' in comparison to some of the previous candles I have bought by Glade and Air Wick. These two candles from Next, which I have started burning today still smell really good, and the design/pattern on the tub looks great when lit up. The tins they come in are also metal, so I don't feel uncomfortable trying to light them as I sometimes do with glass. The wick is tall enough so I can actually light the candle without burning my fingers.
I really love these candles and hope to go back to get more as there were several more fragrenced candles that I would like to try!
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