Working in a Big Corporation

30 May 2015

Leeds, West Yorkshire, UK
No matter what the area of work it is, working and enduring in an enormous establishment can be a challenge. While I was in school, my teachers and 'guidance counsellors' painted adults life as this fulfilling destination that brings eternal happiness and a never ending bank-account. The equation was basic, do well in school + good jobs = successful. Having a few digits in my current account doesn't hurt, but there are some things I wish people would have pointed out before I jumped head first into a full-time job. While at work this morning, I couldn't help but think of a few things I have discovered that were never pointed out to me in school.

Managers should not be feared.
At my age and with my first job, it was natural for me to be intimidated by the leaders around me. They have more knowledge and experience, they know how the building and the business works. But it's also important to remember everyone had to start somewhere. It's very rare managers automatically assumed this position without building up from somewhere. Managers vary depending on the company or area of work - but there is no reason to fear them. I'm lucky to have a very kind boss, but I know this isn't always the case. Standing up to whoever's in charge for what you believe is right isn't against the law, plus it shows your workmates you're not weak or to be pushed around.

Asking questions doesn't mean you're stupid.
Every employee has to ask questions at some point, even those in charge. When I first started, I went through a form of training but this was an entirely new area of work that I wasn't familiar with. I work in investments and barely scraped a maths GCSE. So it become logical to just ask about what I didn't understand. It's better to have peace of mind while working, rather than worrying about what mistakes could be made due to fear of speaking up. Don't look as mistakes as a bad thing, they can be the best way to learn.

Notebooks are my best friends.
When I first started, there were a few other newbies around me so I didn't feel too nervous. However, not one of them brought a notebook. I was the only one who did and tried not to feel flustered by being the odd one out. Fast forward by two weeks, and half of the new employees were asking to photocopy the notes I made during the first week of training. Write down as much as possible, you never know when the jottings will come in handy.

Make some human friends.
Working all day can easily become tiring so there's no reason why there can't be some element of fun or entertainment. I got tired of sitting without saying a word, so I struck up a conversation with an employee sat close to my desk. It wasn't long before the whole office joined in and time passed before we knew it! Socialisation is good for the mind and is a great way to get work done without getting too distracted from the job.

Evenings are everything.
Finishing work at five in the evening isn't the greatest thing, but I know it could be worse. After getting home at about 6pm, I'm exhausted. But remembering the evenings are very valuable and precious motivates me to shower and blog in my spare time. It was only once I started working that I noticed how quickly the weekend moves compared to the weekdays. It's important to take time to relax, but having a shorter amount of time after work certainly keeps me organised and efficient.

Dream big.
Working full time has given me more motivation than school ever did. After seeing where some of the highest people in the company begin, it helps me to aspire to lead a successful career in my own time and try to take in as much as possible. Working also motivates me to blog more often and communicate with others in this ever-growing community.

Why I Love Spring

26 May 2015

Eldwick, Bingley, Bingley, West Yorkshire BD16, UK
Spring is a season I always associate with joy and happiness, and as it's almost over, I thought I would reflect and share my favourite things about the season. It's the sweetest time of year and everything is starting fresh. As much as I love curling up on a winter evening, it's nice to see the sun when I wake up and take in the fresh greenery I'm surrounded by. Although the weather in the North isn't always perfect; spring does bring some element of sunshine, plus I'm a spring baby.
Living in Yorkshire means there's fields at every corner. Where I live in particular, there are plenty of farms which means springtime brings out the most adorable lambs and calves. The sight every morning is heart melting as they roam around, tripping over their own limbs and chasing birds. During the night, the babies make plenty of noise in search for their mothers but it's not difficult to get used to.

Spring often brings rain storms which I love, when I'm inside. Sitting with a page-turning book while watching the clouds darken the sky and the rain fall is relaxing and enjoyable. The sounds is great to fall asleep and wake-up to and creates the perfect excuse for lighting candles.
I suffer with extreme hay fever that never seems to be under control. During the springtime, I can enjoy the sun and nice weather without falling into a full-on sneeze fit and sporting bright red eyes. Hay fever doesn't kick in until summer which makes the season ideal for me. Bees don't usually make an appearance until summer either, which means I can walk around freely without the panic of a tiny buzzing insect. Bees and wasps terrify me, most likely because I have never been stung.

The flowers are in bloom and we being to see colour every where after the basic colours winter brings. Blossoms are such a stunning colour and look magical when falling from the trees and blanketing the ground. The weather during the spring can be quite hit and miss, but it's great for movie nights and bonfires. It's an excuse to grab as many blankets as possible and curl up feeling cosy all night long. It's not too hot and most of the time not too cold. There are often some nice sunny days during April and May and I see spring as the build-up for what summer is about to bring.
What do you love about this season?
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Oslo Ready

23 May 2015

I'm so excited to finally be jetting of to Oslo tomorrow. I haven't been out of the UK in a while so it will be nice to get away from the ever-stressful job and spend some time exploring a new city. I chose Oslo because I think it has so much to offer, especially from a photographer's point of view. I can't wait to take thousands and photos and spread them all over my blog like its my own personal photo album.
Tomorrow evening I will be jetting from Manchester Airport and hitting Oslo around 9pm - no doubt heading straight to bed. I then have a few days to explore the streets of Norway and learn about a breathtaking city along the way. There are so many different places I want to visit, Oslo is just the beginning. My 'One Way Ticket' board on Pinterest is slowly filling with photos of places I have never even heard of (alongside the occasional Eiffel Tower shot) and it only ignites my desire to travel around the world. Trying new food, traditions and even outfits is on my bucket list. And hopefully travelling as much as possible, around my job, will tick a few off those items. I'll be tweeting, pinning and reblogging throughout my trip too!
I'm one of some very frustrating people that leaves packing to the very last minute - which I have done this time round too. Unfortunately, I'm not the best packer, so travelling home should be interesting. But one thing I do love is going somewhere new, just visiting the airport alone is exciting.
The weather in Oslo is s little uncertain, but that doesn't put me off in the slightest. I know I still want to visit every tourist spot, but still find unique areas that will photograph beautifully.
See you in Norway!
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How to Scrap a Bad Mood

21 May 2015

Find the cause.
Getting right the the source will help shift the heavy cloud hanging over your head. It may take some time, especially if this attitude has been brewing over some time, but finding that connection ends in positive results. The reason can vary, from a person to an experience - figure out what's really bothering you and get as far away from it as possible.
Treat yourself.
To me, any food is a treat. There's absolutely nothing wrong with eating chocolate in every form until the endorphins kick in the lift the sorrow. Indulging in a whole series on Netflix or gobbling multiple tubs of Ben & Jerry's is good for the mental health system and a great start and shifting the negative thoughts. I've also found that herbal tea really comforts my rough spells.
I have never come across another human being that doesn't enjoy listening to music. It's unnatural not to be drawn to at least one genre or album - there are so many! Finding a pre-made playlist on Spotify or 8tracks is an easy way for me to get out of a poor mood. Avoiding the slow mixed made for break-ups and down days will only aid your mind into plunging into an ever deeper sad state.
Phone a friend.
Socialization will help to lift spirits. Talk out your feelings with someone you really trust and get everything off your chest. Or rather, entertain yourself with a gossip session and catch-up chat on anything and everything going on in the world.
Make yourself laugh.
I'm usually doing this by falling up the stairs on running into a wall. But there are plenty of site, from BuzzFeed to Tumblr that have pages dedicated to bringing a smile. Spending some quality time flicking through Vines is a great way to lift the crummy spirits and create a lighthearted atmosphere.
Get busy!
Distraction is key. An empty mind can quickly fill with lousy thoughts and over-thinking which only increases a bad mood. Find a hobby, whether artistic or academic to really take your mind away from whatever is bringing you down. Throw all your energy into a time-consuming task and the hours will fly by.

Real Techniques Brush Crush

18 May 2015

After hearing so much about these brushes and this brand - I decided to take the plunge and invest in a few. I have seen plenty of beauty and blog posts praising the fantastic value of each and every set, so after my research, I dipped into my savings account and follow the crowd. The brushes I bought were the pointed foundation brush, contour brush, detailer brush, silicone liner brush, buffing brush and the shading brush. The first thing I noticed after unwrapping these brushes was how soft they were, as well as how stable and sturdy they were. With a many brushes I have used in the past, the prickle my skin, making it very difficult to apply lighter make up like powder or bronzer. I have also found with a lot of wooden and metal brushes, they feel quite flimsy which usually means they're going to snap - one of the most frustrating things in the world. After a fortnight of using these brushes every day, they blend make-up amazingly well and don't create a mess due to the soft bristles. A quality I love in the brushes is that they wash and dry really well, including the silicone liner brush. I often find that foundation and powder brushes are never the same once they have been washed, but these brushes perfectly went back to normal after leaving them to air dry overnight. I would definitely recommend obtain at least one set of Real Techniques' brushes are the are wonderful value for money and work just as well, if not better than many of the high brand sets.

Low Cost Stores to Love

16 May 2015

From it's first UK store opening in 1976, H&M has become a multinational retail success. The Swedish brand is now a world-wide triumph, providing fantastic fashion for men, women, teenagers and children. H&M offered affordable clothing for all ages which is exactly what makes it a commercial success. Rather than spending an unnatural amount of spending money on a real leather jacket from an exclusive high street or even designer store; H&M can offered reasonably prices faux or real leather jackets of the same quality - and in many different styles and colours. H&M is a great place to shop for building a wadrobe. The basic items of clothing are available all year-round in contrast to the seasonal-wear. H&M also collaborates with huge designers and celebrities to give it's shoppers the best of the high fashion experience. From Beyoncé to Madonna, and Versace and Alexander Wang, H&M are the first to ring in the stylish season.
Primark is known for it's low prices. Selling lines for both men and women, the shop earned it's popularity for inexpensive items and enormous ranges. Like H&M, Primark is one of the best places to built a basic wardrobe. Everyday essentials like t-shirts, cardigans, knitted jumpers and t-shirts are featured in their stores all year-round and always at amazing prices. Primark is especially popular amoung the younger generation, as it's labels are designed for all ages - including their super-popular line, Atmosphere. Primark are also noted for their colossal stores, always having plenty in stock, alongside plenty of queues.
TK Maxx
TK Maxx has become one of my favourite stores. I'm constantly blogging about anything I find in there, as it's a fanchise full of weird and wonderful things. Avoiding shopping in their city centre stores are incredibly difficult, but I always end up finding something. Founded in 1976, TK or TJ Maxx's number one priority is selling high labels at low prices. As well is being incredibly active in charity work, TK is full of one-off pieces that can brighten up any closet. It takes real determination and motivation to fish through the hundreds of clothing rails across the county, but finding one item at a reasonable price is worth the adventure.
Originating in Manchester in 2006, has become a casual online fashion destination worldwide. As an online store, they feature a wide range of clothing for guys and girls, both in-season wear to match the trends on the runway but also everday clothing needs and the wardrobe tools to build your own personal style. The great thing about being an online-only site is the contant new additions to their lines. Everything they have is available 24/7 and it's my go-to store for online shopping. The excellent delivery service gives the great name today!

Leather Jacket Loving

11 May 2015

A basic leather jacket is a must-have and fashion hack all in one. They come in plenty of different colours, styles and sizes but sometimes basic is best. Not everyone is comfortable with real leather, but faux can also be inexpensive and be of high quality. There are many reasons why a leather jacket is a closet essential, for both genders. They’re excellent for layering; especially during this time of year. Leather is generally a thicker and insulating fabric, so they’re key in during this season in the UK, when the weather never really decided what it wants to do. Getting a size that is a little larger can be great for layering and can make a more comfortable fit. Real leather and high quality faux doesn't stretch, so wearing too many items underneath can be uncomfortable. Buying a larger sizes allows room to move and extra comfort. However, there are cropped leather jackets that are designed for the summertime, buying these in your regular size such ensure for a stylish fit. Leather brings plenty of texture to an outfit which can help the overall look seem more exciting. The fabric contrasts well with many other fabrics, including the more common denim, cotton and jersey. Yet, lace or velvet paired with fabric create a unique look and an interesting blend.

These jackets were designed to look ‘edgy’ and cool, and they still can. Many chose to buy leather jackets because they can be paired with nearly everything, making them one of the best fashion hacks since skinny jeans. Throwing a leather jacket over a more formal dress can create a mix between casual and proper pieces and is an easy ready-to-go look. As leather jackets come in so many colours and styles, you can never have too many. Some chose to buy a brighter colour rather than the standard black or brown to add a pop of colour of their favourite LBD. Styling a leather jacket is trouble-free and always looks effortless.
Jacket - Miss Selfridge 

GOSH Velvet Touch Foundation Primer Review

8 May 2015

This review is coming from someone who know absolutely nothing about primers. I didn't start wearing foundation until I was around 17 because I was either too lazy or didn't really need it. But as I grow older, I use it almost everyday just to help my skin look even and smooth. GOSH's Velvet Touch Foundation Primer is my first ever primer buy and caught my eye simply because I appreciate the brand. GOSH Cosmetics is a brand I have relied on for a while, as they have a marvellous range of products at a high quality for a high street prices. As this was my first primer, I decided it's better be safe than sorry. 
I started using this primer at the beginning of April, and since then I use it every single day. The best way to describe it is 'velvety' as the texture is smooth without becoming oily and shiny - the opposite of what I wanted. I apply the primer using my fingers before applying any make-up to help it reach the full potential as the perfect base. The serum fills in any lines and pores I have on my skin, which helps create the flawless look with my foundation. My pores are much more visible just beneath my eyes, so I tend to use a little more primer there. What makes this primer the ideal base is that it doesn't take away from the colour of my foundation which I know can be common with high street brands. If anything, it enhances my skin tone and helps the foundation and powder blend a lot better. The Velvet Touch isn't difficult to remove and is perfume and preservative free, making it suitable for most skin types.

Turning Nineteen

5 May 2015

FINALLY. I know nineteen isn't regarded as an big deal, but it's a birthday so it's still pretty exciting to me. It means I'm one step closer to being twenty which is absolutely terrifying but extremely intriguing. Turning eighteen was made out to be some extraordinary experience but I was in school and the memory wasn't that thrilling. However, one year later - my life is completely different. It's quite different to what I had pictured and planned out, but that isn't necessarily a bad thing. As a spring baby, my first thought was to wear pink as I naturally associate it with the season. Without going overboard, I thought this jumper was the perfect centrepiece for this outfit while remaining simple and youthful. I chose a grey skirt to pull out the grey in the cropped sweater and lighten the overall outfit. Here's to a being a year older!
Top // Topshop
Skirt // Topshop
Bag // market in Salou
Shoes // Fred Perry

Spring Forward

4 May 2015

Eldwick, Bingley, Bingley, West Yorkshire BD16, UK
The floral trend never fails to return during the springtime but I couldn't resist. It's an easy way to a colour and pattern to an outfit, which makes it seem more exciting with less effort. It's almost a cheat, which is common with quite a few bright patterns. The fabric is chiffon which means it's quite thin, but this shirt is also really easy to use as a base layer for this outfit. Chiffon is an extremely floaty fabric, often used for elegant dresses. I love that that shirt is actually longer at the back, meaning I can wear it with leggings without breaking my rule on leggings. The most important rule in my mine: leggings are not pants. They're a thicker substitute to tights and nothing frustrates me more when really thin, almost transparent leggings are worn as casual trousers. Today I chose black shoes and leggings as I really wanted the pattern to stand out overall and all the focus to be on the pretty print. 
Shirt - M&S // Leggings - Next // Boots - Dorothy Perkins

Collection Eyes Uncovered Palette Review

1 May 2015

Collection is a make-up brand I will never give up on. Their ranges are affordable and such great quality for the range they offer. I usually head straight to the Collection shelf when I'm shopping on a budget because I know I'm going to find something I love. The Eyes Undercovered Nude Bronze Palette caught my attention immediately. With my darker skin tone, I can use a lot of bronzed colours that were originally designed for the 'nude' or 'sun kissed' make-up look. For example, I can use most bronzers as powder which is greaty for my bank account. I started using this palette as a way to experiment with more eye looks and shadow colours. Since first trying the Golden Brown shade, I have fallen in love with the set. It's a great little pack to use to create a gradient effect on your eyes for an interesting evening look. 
Each shade has a tiny hint of shimmer, some more than others. I do use a primer, but the shadows last for a very long time and remain the same colour. There are products I have used in the past that seemed to change colour over time or fade to invisibility which isn't useful and poor value for money. On the other hand, this mini palette comes with an applicator so it's easier to use on the go. Overall, I would recommend this product to all skin tones as it has a set of colour that will blend beautifully with each other and can effortlessly suit day or night.  
Shades L-R: Ivory, Mink, Ochre, Golden Brown, Ember, Nutty.
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