All About That Backpack

30 November 2016

Happy last day of November! I’m making it a thing, it’ll catch on. It’s so unbelievably cold right now. Actually, it is believably cold because it’s winter, but I feel like it’s an English think to talk about how the weather is totally unexpected no matter what time of year it is. 

Let’s Talk About Periods | Veeda Review

27 November 2016

Check That Cape

23 November 2016

Eccleshill, UK
For me, the very best thing about this time of year is being able to layer clothing to my heart’s content. Not only can I wear turtle neck tops without sweating through them, but I can wear capes outdoors without ending up awkwardly carrying them. Life’s sweet!

Let Your Dreams Fly: Volume II

21 November 2016

Leeds, UK
Happy Monday! A little while ago, I published a blog post that featured some of my favourite inspirational quotes to spread a sprinkle of positivity on my blog and on the world wide web. Sometimes I just need a pick-me-up moment, and looking through a good selection of quotes imprints the wise words on my brain and motivates me to work harder and let my dreams fly...

Passion for Plum

17 November 2016

Bingley, UK
I love this colour! Any chance to wear it I'm totally going to take advantage of and today is the day. I don't do a whole lot of workwear posts on Anika May because I no longer work in an office, and I have no desire to return. Yet, the one thing I do miss is the super chic office outfits! It's one of the reasons I was so drawn to Suits, the women always look so stylish!

Phone Cases Galore!

15 November 2016

Hurray for post number 350! I'm sure you’ve heard me blab on about CaseApp about 100 times. This time last year, I had just discovered the brand, and now I’m obsessed! I like to mix up my phone cases every so often, especially when it comes to a new season. The change gives me something different to look at, rather than the basic iPhone back (even though mine’s pink and I love pink), and motivates me in a weird but wonderful way. Custom designs by me help the cases feel a little more personal too, and I’ve managed to build up quite the collection over the years.

Polo Season

11 November 2016

Eldwick, UK
Autumn is an awesome time of year. It’s awesome for many reasons, and one of those reasons is being able to wear polo neck jumpers that are light grey without worrying about sweating through it. Was that too weird to reveal on my blog? Probably but I’m sticking with it. I’ve also really taken a liking to gilets or waistcoats, which I never really liked before.

My Top Travel Destinations

8 November 2016

London, UK
Technically, we’re nowhere near the end of the year – but I’m already feeling reflective and it’s time I do something about it… write a blog post. Anyway, it’ll be Christmas before we know it and then it’s New Years’ Eve and 2017 begins. I can’t wait, I think it’s going to be an awesome year. Anyway, I haven’t done an awful lot of travelling this year, and even though I’ve experienced so much more through blogging, I still miss jetting off somewhere nice. Believe it or not, I’ve only had one beach holiday in my entire life, and it blew my mind. I also went to Oslo in 2015 – best city ever. Still, there are many more places I want to go.

Next Spring 2017 Press Day

6 November 2016

Marylebone, London, UK
The lovely people at Next invited me down to London on 02 November to check out some of the pieces that will be features in the Spring 2017 collection, from Womenswear right through to the stunning Homeware range. Spending a day in London is exciting as it is, but being able to have a sneak peak and the newest trends is one sweet cherry on top. As I walked into One Marylebone, the wide variety of clothing and accessories immediately gave me a ‘jungle’ feel, as the shelves were decorated with leaves, vibrant green plants and wooden crates. The room was lively, perfect for spring.

My Top Five Bonfire Night Essentials

3 November 2016

Northampton, UK
Bonfire night is full of magic. A night under a sea of stars, warmed by a crackling fire while fireworks dance above – it’s fun for all. Bonfire night varies for me each year, sometimes I love to be right in the middle, surrounded by villagers and neighbours. Other years, I prefer to have my close friends with me while we have our own little party in my garden. Either way, it’s a night many in the UK look forward to because, well… fireworks are awesome. As with any event, I always have essentials. Can I find five major essentials from one store? Challenge accepted.

Another Night on the Town

1 November 2016

Heaton, UK
Happy November! Yaaaay! Another OOTD! Or rather, OOTN. As I’ve mentioned in like a hundred posts, I love to go out. When I first turned eighteen, I didn’t go near nightclubs, I always thought they were tacky and a little bit unsanitary. Although my opinion hasn’t changed, I still think going out is a fun experience. Now that I’m twenty, I still pop into Mission or Prism when I have the energy, but I also love going for casual drinks. Not all the clubs in Leeds sell fun cocktails, usually it’s just shots for 50p and a random fizzy drink ft. vodka. However, there are a few areas in Leeds that are amazing for dressing up and sitting in a classy establishment, having cocktails that are called Queen B and The Bazinga.
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