Nutribuddy Weight Loss Kit | First Impression

30 June 2016

Manchester, UK
I’ve spoken about my diet and weight on my blog before, but never really gone in depth on methods I have used and things that have worked or failed. Although I no longer go to the gym, I still work out five times and week and try to eat as healthily as possible. Despite seeing some results, I’m still looking for new ways to stay healthy and lose weight so I can reach my goal. I recently received the 14 Day Weight Loss Kit* from Nutribuddy and decided to share some of my first impressions of the kit after unboxing everything and trying a few products out.


Sculpting Whey Shake
Hunger Fix tablets
Multivitamin tablets
Shaker Bottle
Little Book of Weight Loss
Recipe Book 


The Sculpting Whey Shake is used every day and in plenty of the shakes in the recipe book. One thing I liked is that the protein comes with a scooper inside, so you don’t have to struggle with measurements each time. The resealable bag is to be stored in a cool dry place, and features plenty of protein to be used of a long period of time – I’m certain it will last me more than two weeks with every day use. I love that the Whey Shake comes in two flavours (I chose vanilla because yummm) and can be used with water or milk in your daily shake. The taste is true to vanilla, but isn’t so overbearing or grainy that it’s a struggle to swallow.
The Hunger Fix tablets are to be taken three times a day, an hour before meals with at least one glass of water. I didn’t think these tablets were that effective at first, but after a day or two with meals I found that they do help me to feel fuller even if the meal isn’t that big or calorie-packed. This is really accommodating, as I used to always struggle with proportions. If I didn’t feel full, I would literally just snack until I did. That’s why I also quite like the Multivitamin tablets – which are taken once a day with food. Amazingly, I’ve seen very slight improvements in my skin which I’m sure will continue more over the next week or so. The tablets are easy to swallow, it’s just remembering to take them!
The Shaker Bottle comes in two colours, red and black – I chose red. I immediately thought this was just for water, but after reading, I realised this can be used for the Sculpting Shake, I have also used it for my smoothies (two of my favourites I’ll be sharing soon)! The bottle is a good size and strong enough to be carried around and washed over and over again. Inside, there’s a spiralled metal ball which is incredibly convenient when mixing the Sculpting Whey with water or milk. Trying it without the ball inside is a bad idea (been there, done that), as it quickly mixes everything together with little effort and gets rid of any chunks.
Finally, the Little Book of Weight Loss and Recipe Book are much better than I thought they would be. I have received diet kits before, and the books with them have either been little leaflets that provide absolutely no information, or textbooks that are all text and technical jargon. The Little Book of Weight Loss gives a good explanation of each product, how they help and what they actually contain; from Whey Protein to Glucomannan. It also has a FAQ page, and eating plan for anyone who wants to use the recipes from the book for every meal. Speaking of recipes, the book by Nutribuddy contains breakfast, shake, lunch, dinner and healthy treats recipes and ideas that are all easy to make with ingredients that are easy to access. I’m so eager to try out some of the treat ideas! There’s nothing more annoying that trying to eat healthy but not being able to find or afford crazy exotic foods – this book has great meal options that are filling and go well with the products.

As mentioned before, I’ve been using the Sculpting Whey protein every day with milk, and absolutely love it. It’s so simple! All you do is take 30 grams (which is three scoops) of power, drop it in the bottle and add milk or water before shaking. I’ve found that the shake is really filling, and with the rest of the weight loss kit, I’ve been eating less already and it’s only been a few days. 
Have you ever tried any Nutribuddy products? Did you see any results?

It's Cocktail Hour

27 June 2016

Gilstead, Bingley, West Yorkshire
I love going out. Not just out, like down to the shops, but out out. Cocktail hour can be any day of the week right? I like socialising, and drinking fruity cocktails and wandering around with my friends. Whenever I go out out, I like to dress semi-formal, just because it’s an opportunity to dress up and get all foo foo which doesn’t happen to me that often. One thing I’m not too keen on, is head-pounding, sticky-floored, yucky-bathroom nightclubs that include two hours of trying to be served and another two just waiting for the loo. I often find that I’m wiping my feet in the way out, if you catch my drift (they’re not clean). My favourite place to go would be Call Lane in Leeds, it's full of bars and pubs that are busy but never over the top. I also adore Angelica in the Trinity Leeds shopping centre - but's its seriously pricey!
However, when I go out out, I always think to go for my over-the-knee black boots. No matter what time of the year, these boots work for me because it’s always freezing cold by midnight and they keep me warm. I bought these boots in the autumn of last year while trying to re-invent my wardrobe and attempting to dress more like Blake Lively (I’m still working on that one). I absolutely love these boots because they’re so breathable! I can actually move in them! Unlike another pair I had before, that made me feel as If I had ties two enormous rubber bands around my knees. The great thing about this magical pair, is that I can wear them with everything – literally everything. They spice up an outfit a little more, and help me to turn the average ensemble from day to night.

Ever since wearing this dress to the NBN Blogger Event last year, I’ve loved it. The pattern is super simple but looks busier from a distance, giving an interesting dynamic to a simple dress. The cuffed sleeves elongate arms and it also has a tie at the neckline, which can be loosened or made tighter. I immediately thought this kind of dress is one that you could only wear once, but I’ve worn it about thirty eighty times and not become sick of it. Similarly, I absolutely adore my clutch from TK Maxx, I saw it once, and haven’t seen it since. Still, I take it every time I go out out and don’t loathe it yet.

Now that I'm feeling much better and finally over my flu-like sickness, let's go out out!
Dress: NEXT (similar)
 Boots: NEXT (similar)
Watch: OASIS
Clutch Wallet: TK MAXX (similar)
Earrings: TOPSHOP

6 Ways to Organise Your Life

23 June 2016

West Yorkshire, UK
Being completely honest, I can be a bit of a mess sometimes. I’m weird because I love to organise and sort things out, but I’m also slightly lazy and have a tendency to let things slip. However, with this in mind, I do think it’s really important to organise my life as I’m now 20 years old and responsible for myself. I have quite a few ways I like to keep myself organised, stay on track and continue to adult at life.

#1 Utilize Your Phone
Just about everybody has one and everybody has used one. Why not make the most of it? There are so many simple, no-nonsense apps like Notes, banking apps, Voice Memos, Calendar, Reminders, fitness and social media apps that help to keep everything in check. They’re easy to use, and always there as most people don’t go far without their phone.

#2 Declutter everything
A totally obvious tip but still helpful! A clean space equals a clear mind and there’s no need for it to always feel like a chore. I’m not big on cleaning myself, but with a solid playlist and comfy clothes, I can dance around the room and enjoy it! Declutting is a lot easier when you have friends with a second opinion too. It’s helpful to think: “Do I actually use this?” and if not, throw it!

#3 Get a notebook
Although I use my phone a lot, I do like to go old school and use a pen and paper. Plus, it’s a way for me to justify the amount of notebooks I own. It doesn’t have to be a crazy expensive book, DIY-made ones or basic refill pads work fine!  I carry a notebook around as much as possible and write everything down: thoughts, to-do’s, lists, reminders and so on. I also make sure to note down the date and deadlines too.
#4 Get a file folder
I started a ring binder of important documents when I received the letter with my National Insurance number on from the HMRC. Since then, everything goes in that folder: driving licence documents, insurance, contracts and so on. It’s really helped me to keep everything in check and safe. Similarly, I’ve made a folder for receipts of expensive items I need to keep for a certain amount of time and even a folder with my work and blogging contracts and agreements!

#5 Buy a diary or agenda
An item I love to shop for. Sadly, my diary drowned when a water bottle leaked in my bag so I had to buy a new one, starting in the middle of the year (ugh stresses me out knowing half of it will be empty) but I can’t leave the house without it. I occasionally forget to put things in my phone, so a diary is a good way to note down important events and times, as well as names and numbers.

#6 Budget, budget, budget
Honestly, I hate budgeting. I hate any sort of task that involves mathematics. Simple adding up it tedious to me, but I still do it because it helps me organise my life. The great thing is, that once you’ve done one monthly budget, the rest is easy! It’s a great method of keeping track of direct debits, as they’re the one thing that tend to bleed my account dry. Also, it’s helpful to budget if you want to plan ahead or open a new savings account.

What are your life organising tips?

The Magic of the Konjac Sponge

20 June 2016

Bingley, West Yorkshire, UK
This post is in collaboration with The Konjac Sponge Company.
The Konjac sponge* is a multi-ward winning product made from the Amorphophallus Konjac plant root, which is often used as a healthy food source or for medical purposes in Asia. The plant is loaded with fibre and filled with an enormous amount of nutrients such as vitamins A, E, D, B1, B2 and C as well as amino acids and minerals like potassium and zinc. Kojac is naturally an alkaline, so it helps in balancing the pH of the skin – incredibly useful in battling acne. I’ve had the opportunity to try out the Konjac sponge, and love it so far!
How I Used the Sponge
I have used quite a few different exfoliating sponges and products, and the most important thing I’ve learned is that the sponge needs to be rinsed before. I prefer to use warm water, and thoroughly rinse the sponge to make sure it’s clean. With the Konjac sponge, fully hydrating it is the best way to get a good use from its properties, before massaging it into the skin in a circular motion. You can add cleanser to either the sponge or the skin, and then focus on problem areas such as breakout spots or pores. After each cycle of exfoliating my face, I like to rinse the sponge again and squeeze out any dirt and excess oil it has collected. One of the great things about the sponge is that is has a string hooked through, which doesn’t come loose or get lost, so once I’m doing washing my face I hang the sponge to dry, usually in a room that will dry it quickly and never somewhere wet or damp like the shower. I learned that harshly rubbing the skin isn’t necessary either!
Why I Love the Sponge
When I received the sponge, the first thing I noticed was how rock solid it was. My immediate thought was “How on earth is this thing going to work on my face?” With previous products, a rocky texture can make acne and breakouts a lot worse and leave my skin feeling like a layer has been torn off and extremely sensitive. As soon as the sponge hit water, it started to soften and my mind was blown. It is a lot smoother than a flannel, and more effective than my hands. I assumed the holes in the sponge would be sharp against my face but were also soft too. Using the sponge has helped me to keep my breakouts under control, especially as I have recently conquered acne!
I can use the sponge with or without a cleanser or soap, and still get that freshly massaged feeling. There’s simply nothing I hate more than washing my face and getting that dry and tight sensation that can come immediately after I have finished a cleanse, the Konjac sponge leaves my face feeling renewed and clean! The bamboo charcoal in my sponge is naturally antibacterial and antifungal, which is ideal for my skin as it can become quite oily. I was also amazed at how the sponge returned to the original size and texture when dry. It’s amazing for removing make up and easy to clean afterwards as water flows through it so quickly and easily.
The price of the sponges are between £5 and 15, and have a life span of around three months, which is a good time to be changing the product used to clean your skin.

I would definitely recommend this product to anyone who’s looking for a new sponge to exfoliate their skin without tearing layers away. There’s a wide range for different skin types and well as travel kits – I used the Bamboo Charcoal sponge, specifically for teen, oily or spot-prone skin!

Have you ever used a Konjac sponge? Did you like it?

5 Things That Make Me Happy

17 June 2016

Leeds, West Yorkshire, UK
Happy Friday! There’s something about a Friday that just makes everything better. Life feels good when it’s a Friday because freedom is near. Whether it’s the warm and cosy evening before a Saturday shift, or a crazy night out before the early morning hangover – everybody loves a Friday. As I’m in such a great mood today, I thought I would post about five things that make me happy. Despite the weather not being awesome for mid-June (but what else can you expect in the UK?!), I’m still feeling elated and somewhat buzzed even though I can’t pinpoint a specific reason why. Maybe it’s because I’m getting the hang of driving and not as terrified anymore, or maybe it’s because I have a few blog post drafts up my sleeve which makes me feel like I’m a little more on top of things. Nonetheless, today is a Friday. Enjoy it!

Laying in your own bed after a long day
I often find that when I’m hard at work, all I can think about is a nice warm bed. Not because I’m sleepy or tired, but because I absolutely love my bed! The huge pillows and the soft sheets have me daydreaming all day. Even now, the idea of curling up under my puffy duvet and faux fur with Once Upon A Time on in the background while I stalk people on social media sounds like a treat!

A solid cup of tea
As a Yorkshire lass, most people think I’m obsessed with Yorkshire Tea and having it running through my veins. True, I do like Yorkshire Tea and think it’s the best of the bunch, but I also love a good cup of Earl Grey tea, and Twinings have the best Earl Grey teabags in the world. I need the cup to be piping hot, with the perfect amount of mil and absolutely no sugar – just in case you were wondering.

Heavy ainstorms
An unusual thing to make me happy in the middle of summer, but recently there’s been a few cases of heavy rain in the UK and I have loved it! The dark storm clouds accompanied by hours of pouring rain is quite therapeutic, whether there’s thunder and lightning or not. I’m not a fan of the weird rain that’s really light but somehow drenches you, or any rain with wind; but a long and heavy downpour somehow cheers me up.

Throwback playlists
Recently I’ve been listening to a concerning amount of Britney Spears, Hilary Duff and other artists I used to love when I was 5. Any sort of song that was produced and released before 2006 seems to be in my favourites list right now and it makes me reeeaaaally happy. The excitement you feel when you hear and old song and still manage to nail all the lyrics is thrilling. A good way to always brighten the day is listening to things that made you smile before, and will again.

Pinning and pinning and pinning
I was one of those sceptics who at first said “What’s even the point of Pinterest if I have Tumblr?”, but now I can’t live without Pinterest. Now I see the point. I keep creating boards just based on things I like, and it helps my profile to become a lot more personal, even though I use it for blogging and work too. The amount of images, recipes, workouts and ideas I get from the website each day are endless; and I’m become very obsessed.

What’s making you happy today?

Have a great weekend!

Grey and Sparkly

14 June 2016

High Eldwick, Bingley, West Yorkshire
I can’t lie, I wear a hell of a lot of grey. Honestly, I never realise how many darker colours I wear until I clean through my wardrobe or rearrange my clothing rail to see very little colour and plenty of blacks and greys. Even during the summer, although I do try to spice it up sometimes, I tend to resort to my old ways and habits! Today is no exception, I’m back at it and still loving it.
Today's a really simple work day. I have one major task to do which involves assessing and improving a website. Along this task is quite complex, I have the entire day to get it done and the office I work in is quite relaxed. My dress is a favourite days like this because the fabric is just so soft. It was a one off buy that I will never regret. The fabric imitates tweed with a static-looking effect to make a basic A-line dress. However the jewels along the collar help to brighten this up a little more and out a fun twist on a simple dress.
Out of true Anika nature, of course I completed the rest of the outfit with all-black accessories. I like to feel cosy at work and because I'm ALWAYS cold so a good jacket like this leather piece is a must. Similarly, tights are essential for me! In the summer, most people are surprised to find out I still wear tights basically all of the time! I love them, and they keep me warm - my fellow freezing friends will agree. I bring a briefcase to work which means I can bring any handbag needed, and today I chose this perfect purse from Next. The buckles help it to stand out from the average LBB (little black bag) and pair well with the dress without taking all attention away from the rest of the look. I find black shoes are perfect for this, everyone need a good pair of ballerinas or flats in their closet - no matter the style!

Dress – Next (similar: 1, 2, 3) // Jacket – Miss Selfridge (similar) // Boots – Next (similar) // Bag – Next (similar)

Dark Summer | Wishlist

10 June 2016

Eldwick, Bingley, West Yorkshire
It’s wishlist time again! Shopping is one of my favourite *cough cough* ‘exercises’ and I absolutely love to create wishlists on Polyvore full of luxury and high street items. It’s one of my favourite networks for discovering new items and people to follow. Creating sets is extremely relaxing, especially when you create something that’s aesthetically pleasing to the eye. One thing I’ve noticed with my style is that I tend to go for darker colours and I’ve decided to sometimes embrace it! Of course, there are occasions where I need to brighten up my ensembles every so often, but I think all-black is so badass, I just love it. Wearing all-black in the sun is a pretty brave thing to do, but I don’t think there’s anything wrong with a little… ‘dark summer’.

The first thing on my list is the Black Spaghetti Top by Romwe. I have been on the lookout for cute summer tops to wear, because sometimes I’m so warm I barely want to wear anything at all (obviously I would never scar the world by doing that)! The straps on this top turn it from a basic tank top to a unique bralette that will subtly pair well with (literally) anything, and still stand out. It’s a cotton top, and fits perfectly into my theme. To pair with the top, I chose the Black Button Front Skirt from Topshop. I don’t wear a lot of skirts, simply because I don’t have much to pair them with. It can be really hard to find a skirt style that suits your body shape and this is still something I struggle with. Luckily, it means more shopping to ‘experiment’ with my style and what suits me. I usually play it safe with an A-line skirt, and I think this denim utilitarian piece fits well. No wishlist is complete without one high fashion item! The Sac De Jour Nano Leather Tote by Saint Laurent has always caught my eye, it’s so chic it hurts. I think this handbag would be the perfect investment, and joins the many others I have waiting on my list. I love the simple style, and think it projects pure elegance and femininity without being OTT. 

Another luxury bag I liked is the "Totes Amaze" Tote by 3.1 Phillip Lim. Devastatingly, it’s out of stock everywhere but I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to include it in my Dark Summer Wishlist. The Harlock Platform Sandals by Jeffrey Campbell are one of the few white items in this list, but luckily they do come in black. For this look, even though it is based on embracing all-black, I really liked the monochrome contrast with white sandals. I think they will stand out even more, and help the outfit to look different too. Along with the White Hardware Belt from Yoins, adding a little splash of white is creating monochrome with minimal effort (see what I did there?)

Finally, the Tether Skeleton Bracelet from Marc by Marc Jacobs is one of my favourite items in the entire wishlist. It may be tiny, and difficult to see from a distance, but I absolutely adore the style. It’s so simply unique, the design behind it is genius. I find that watches like this are pieces that get the most attention without any effort. I love these little gems, as they pull a whole outfit together despite their size. This luxury piece is completely black and may stay near the top of my wishlist for a very long time.

What’s your favourite item?

Style Crush | Chloë Grace Moretz

8 June 2016

Yorkshire, UK
Chloë Grace Moretz has recently become one of my favourite actresses in Hollywood – even though I have many. Despite her age, Chloë has been featured in some amazing films, including Kick-Ass, If I Stay and Neighbours 2. Being completely honest, I never really thought of Chloë as a style icon as she’s not someone who strikes me as flaunting her riches and designer gear. When I think of Chloë, I don’t think of a typical 21st century celebrity with an annoying Instagram feed and three hundred cars. She has a really simple street style, as dresses to suit her taste while subtly staying on trend and in style. Check out ten of my favourite looks from Chloë below! 

Regarding her red carpet and appearance looks, Chloë really knows how to show off a good pattern and invests well in pieces that will catch an eye without being so over the top you have to look away. Not only do I love that fact that she doesn’t feel the need to pout for every photo op, but she also loves her basic casual wardrobe. It’s realistic and comfortable – not everyone walks around in Louboutin’s on a regular Wednesday. Chloë is a style crush for me, because she wears clothing that I can also wear. Her style is youthful, which inspires me to dress in more colour and experiment with my closet a little more. Majority of the young girls in the public eye spend thousands on an outfit, which could also be the case for Chloë occasionally, but she’s an easy fashion idol to imitate because her style is so effortlessly chic!
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