12 Habits of a Successful BOSS.

21 July 2017

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I'm all about being your own boss, or bad-ass, or killer-queen. Anything the means taking control of your life and letting the world know who's in charge makes me happy. Plus, anything that encourages self-love and positivity also makes me very happy. There are some people out there who may think: "She's not a BOSS." But funny thing, I don't care. Because I know I'm a boss, the only approval I need is my own. So here are some of the top tips I live by, as my own bad-ass BOSSSSS.

A true boss will never think inside the box, or dream small. It's simply having that all-or-nothing mindset that fuels fiery determination. Ambition is everything when it comes to dominating life. From romance to your career, it's always best to aim high if you want those awesome results. 

As my own boss, I literally never spend money. Unless it's treat yo self day and I'm splurging in the latest season's sale at Trinity Leeds. It's a very hard habit to get into, but saving is so key in every aspect of life. Watch that bank account grow!

Stressing out is not cool. We all do it, I do it 99.99% of the time, but it's not a good habit to have. When the pressure gets too much, it's important to remember that a boss will keep her cool, remember that she's a BOSS and continue to be a BOSS! 

Rules are totally meant to be broken. Why else would they be there? The glass ceiling, or that invisible barrier that's holding you back demands to be broken. A boss would never allow a silly set of rules to stop her from achieving her goal, unless they're for safety of course. 

I definitely struggle to become independent from time to time, but as the successful boss I strive to be, I know that working life out on my own is a big part of growing up. Leaning on people for support is natural and always helpful, but if a boss wants to do something on her own, she'll do it on her own!

The ideas never stop coming. A dry spell happens every so often, but it's never the end of the world. The bright ideas notepad is never too far away and full of creative concepts, whether they will be the winner or not. Drafts are the stepping stones to success. 

A solid routine is the way forward. It's how the day gets started and how it ends. Plus it keeps the day going and everything in order - just the way a boss likes it. There's something about knowing what's coming that brings peace to the mind. 

Pretty much needed at any given time, but especially for a boss. To create a successful routine, you have to be organised in the first place. Developing this skill takes time and training but it's always worth it.

As much fun as success may be, having fun is way better. There's something about hard work that makes the pay-off ten thousand times better. The greatest part? Loving what you do and doing what you love. As the weekend rolls around, have fun!

Bad-ass bosses are smart. They're smart in whatever field they want to feel smart in. It could be any topic or activity under the sun, but education is incredibly important. Not only is it an enormous luxury to be able to learn, but also beneficial for future boss adventures. 

It's all fun and games until something goes wrong and you lose the will to continue. That's a big no-no for a boss. Nothing throws them off, no one puts them off. If a boss wants to achieve she WILL achieve. Say this out-loud every so often, and keep your eyes on the prize. 

A boss certainly isn't bothered about the opinions of others. Success looks different to everybody. You don't necessarily need to compete with or copy people to do well. Just be confident in you. Love yourself. And you'll become the next big BOSS!
A couple of my BOSS must-haves:

Things I Miss About School

8 February 2016

While in school, I never valued the food that was available at my fingertips. School lunches were never gourmet meals in my eyes, but always a reasonable price and ready whenever I need them. Now that I work from Monday to Friday, and have realised I can no longer afford to have Starbucks every day, I really miss being able to pick up an affordable sandwich with the swipe of a card at school and finding somewhere safe and clean to eat it. Every day I have to make a conscious effort to make my lunch which I ironically never have time to do.

I do have friends at work, but we can't spend an hour gossiping about drama from trashy TV shows or discussing the latest office rumours. Work is for work, and although you should gave the same attitude at school, messing around with your friends is fun. Having friends at school means you can go through the troubling exams together and have a group of people you look forwards to seeing everyday.

Going home at 2:45
The 'home time' for each school varies, some are late and some, like mine are quite early. I remember my first day at work, and it got to around 3 o'clock and I was already happy to leave. Sadly, I still had another two hours to go before I could even think of leaving. Getting home while it's still light out is behind me now, but it's definitely something I miss.

This may sound like a bit of a strange one, but I really like doing homework. I used to enjoy getting stuck in a huge project and spending loads of my free time experimenting with different ways or creating something new. I wasn't a huge fan of 5,000 word-essays at the time, but reading through a 200lb textbook doesn't seem that bad any more. 

When it got to around Easter-time this year, I realised there's no time off unless I ask for time off and even then it's not that long. When I see my younger sister getting excited for the random two weeks she has off in the autumn or the extra long week during March, I can't help but wish I could experience holidays like this again. Secular work does have holiday time, but it's usually around 28 days rather than six weeks.

If there's one thing that's become extremely expensive since I started working, it's clothing. As a fashion fanatic, I naturally want to try out new looks and trends I see when I'm out and about. I'm surrounded by shopping centres and markets so it's very difficult to avoid, but when I was in school, what I wore was the least of my worries and the carefree mindset was the only one I had.

How to Deal with Nosey People

18 December 2015

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They're everywhere. Family, friends and especially colleagues. I work in a pretty busy city, and in a very open office. Conversation flows from day to day, and as colleagues get to know each other, they begin to build an interest in the lives of others and that interest turns into a source for entertainment. Some people are naturally nosey, they can't help but feel the need to know anything and everything. On the other hand, some people are obnoxiously nosey, and drive me absolutely crazy.

Decisions I Made I Don't Regret

7 September 2015

Organising everything
Since actually growing up and working full-time, I have totally and completely become a neat freak. Everything has to be in a specific order for my brain to function and it helps me work much faster and more efficiently. I'm not quite at an OCD level, but if something is out of place, I have to correct it immediately. This perfectionist attitude is something I used to view as a curse, now I see it as a blessing. I can think straight and any feelings of anxiousness are excluded when my mind is on track.
Cutting fake friends
I no longer talk to anyone I considered a friend in school. I'm not suggesting you cut out all your best friends, but as I look back, I'm so happy I didn't stay stuck in a group of girls who I didn't really trust or feel happy around. It took a lot of courage to drift away from something that felt familiar and venture out on my own, but I'm so much more confident now. Today, I have a group of friends who accept me for exactly who I am and build me up, rather than make me feel small. 
I did kind of enjoy studying, I'm weird like that. But one thing I'll never forget is how hard I worked in school. Sadly, I didn't have that attitude in the beginning, but as I grew, I realised it was time to pull my socks up. At the moment, I'm in a job that could sprout into a career for the rest of my life. But if I decide I don't want to do that any more, I luckily have my positive grades to fall back on. To anyone going through exams or entering a new year in education: work hard, education is a luxury and is worth the struggle. 
For me, blogging meant really putting myself out there. I still never take selfies so taking pictures of myself with a professional camera can be a challenge. There are still people who don't know I have a blog, but it's not something I'm embarrassed about. I've learned a great deal since blogging and realised what I'm truly passionate about. Blogging has given me the time and motivation to understand what kind of person I'd like to grow into which I could never regret.
Changing my wardrobe
Since moving on into a new friendship group and new era of my life, I totally shook up my wardrobe. My attitude towards clothing hasn't changed, I still don't allow opinions to influence my dress choices, and I do wear things that make me feel good inside. There are some days where I feel like dressing as if I'm the new girl on the Upper East Side and others when I dress like a true Northern farm chic. But I have realised that abiding to social trends and choice isn't going to make me happy. 
Avoiding university
I was the only girl out of my friendship group at school to skip university. I still went through the UCAS process as teachers forced me to, and rather than complain non-stop, I did exactly what was asked for me. But before even getting to that stage, I knew I did not want to go. Still, I was pushed to apply and did so. I received four unconditional offers and one conditional offer, including offers from LCF and UAL. Everyone was ecstatic except me because it's not what I wanted. So I ignored interviews and skipped open days until the offers ran out in the summer. That decision is one I'll never regret because I'm very happy blogging from my bedroom and working everyday to learn more through experience rather than books. 

5 Things I've Learned by Growing Up

20 July 2015

You define your confidence.
I'm still a very shy person. I think that's a trait I'll always have but I'm okay with it. I was never okay with how low my confidence used to be. Nowadays, I still get nervous when there's a lot of attention on me, but my immediate thought is no longer a negative one. I don't automatically think people are looking at me because they've spotted one of my insecurities. That's all because I slowly began to realise my increase in confidence is all about what's in my mind, not what I can see in the mirror. I began to adopt the "I don't care" attitude about a lot of things which can be a blessing and a curse. When I shop, I don't buy clothes two sizes bigger or avoid shoes with heels, and that's a pretty big step for me.

Turn comparison into motivation.
It's incredibly easy to see another blogger, or just another person and begin over analysing and comparing what you have with what they have. It's not difficult to scroll through Instagram and immediately begin to correlate appearances. When I first started blogging, I used to compare my blog with every other blog I came across - it's not healthy. Now when I stalk other blogs, (which I live to do), I realise how this amazing community is expanding and how much I love being a part of it. It become motivation to continue doing what I love rather than jealously and a really unhealthy attitude.

I want to see the world.
There's something so fascinating when learning about new places. Developing the mind and beginning to understand cultures and different ways of living keeps each day interesting. Do research from home and creating Pinterest boards is fun, but I know my future plans include jetting off to every edge of the Earth. A different view every month is what I'd like to achieve and my journey to Oslo taught me that. Travelling is an experience that can be very humbling, but also opens your eyes to the world around you.

I want/need more friends.
I know followers aren't friends, but I can't lie, having those few people say nice things to you every so often is something that makes me feel all warm and fuzzy. It doesn't have to be a comment, it could be a tweet or even a tumblr message. I'm not exactly the most the social butterfly in the North, but I know how much I love the social aspect of blogging - it's something I really want to expand.

The working world is not all it's cracked up to be.
I can't wait to one day say "started from the bottom now we're here" because at the moment, the bottom isn't too fun. School always made out like the working world was going to be an easy journey. Once you're done with education, you'd immediately get a job (doesn't happen) and success just flows in (doesn't happen either). It takes a whole lot of hard work and elbow grease to work your way to the top, and at 19 I still have a long way to go.
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