My Workout Essentials

3 August 2017

About a year ago, I did a post called “My Workout Essentials” and featured some of my favourite gym accessories and must haves. Well, now that time has passed, I still have some faves, but the list has changed for the better.

Bluetooth Headphones
They were featured in my last post, but they’re number one now. Music is so essential for a good workout, it’s truly everything. I considered these KitSound headphones for the longest time, going back and forth between brands before finally deciding to just go for it. I’m very fussy when it comes to technology, as I like to have something that’s actually going to work. I can honestly say, KitSound headphones are the way forward for me. Style is important, so I chose the black and rose gold pair, but I also think good quality is vital to. The Harlem headphones are of a very high stand, especially for such an affordable price. I adore them!

Deodorant and body spray
So essential. The very thought of bad body odour makes me feel nauseous, so the smell has me running. Of course, there’s not much I can do about other people, but I can certainly do a lot for myself. I have a love for deodorants anyway, and have always used Nivea because it treats my skin so well. But I’ve also been loving So…?’s body mist line and didn’t expect to be so obsessed. I grew up with So…? body sprays and Charlie Red so naturally I gravitated back towards them. I really love water-based sprays because I feel like they stick to clothes a little better than the aerosols.

A Small Towel
I would have never considered a towel about a year ago. But now that I like to go H.A.M. in the gym, and try to work so hard I want to nap, I sweat… a lot. And sweat is great I guess, but it’s also super irritating and itchy if it dries. I like to have a small towel or flannel with me in the gym, to wipe away the dirt and sweat, ensuring it doesn’t get into my pores. Sweat dripping down your face is certainly a sign of hard work, but also a great way to break out. Not great.

High quality clothes
Obviously, clothes are an essential. But it’s very easy to buy super cheap threats that disintegrate in water or fit poorly. It’s very important to me to avoid ill-fitting clothes because it feels uncomfortable and kills my confidence. Splashing out isn’t what I’d usually do when it comes to clothing, but I neeeeeeeed to have good workout outfits. TK Maxx is the perfect middle man, as they sell branded clothes for amazing prices. Think: fit over fashion. Running on a treadmill and pull up leggings or pants is not okay. Plus, squats that result in ripped clothing isn’t cute either.

The right shoes
I once saw someone running on a treadmill in sliders. SLIDERS. That’s a perfect example of picking the wrong shoes. I still can’t wrap my head around it. You don’t have to go all professional to find the right trainers to work out in, they just have to be supportive and comfortable. Fit over fashion comes in once again, as it’s important to take care of your feet and ankles before they become damaged.

My phone
I have an iPhone 7, and there are a huge number of apps that help me in the gym. Not only is Spotify essential for my beast mode tunes, but I use MyFitnessPal too. This app is great for logging all my workouts and totally up how much water I drink each day. The app works great without having to go Premium and there are still a wide range of features to make use of. I also use the app to log the food I eat throughout the day which helps me keep track of calories. Endomondo is also really great for logging times, plus it’s linked to MyFitnessPal as they’re both owned by Under Armour.

And a couple more must-haves, or rather, I-needs:

Nutribuddy Weight Loss Kit | 14-Day Review

13 July 2016

Micklethwaite, UK
I was recently sent the Nutribuddy Weight Loss Kit* to try out, as I’ve been on the hunt for new but healthy ways to lose weight without resorting to extreme measures. I could say I’ve been on a diet for years, and struggled to see any major results. Although I’m not the same size I was four years ago, there’s still more weight I’d like to shed! Over time, I’ve learned that I really like smoothies, and it’s one of the only ways I can force myself to eat fruit on a regular basis, without feeling the burden of a strict diet.
The great thing about smoothies are that they’re so filling, and can replace certain meals during the day, especially if I don’t have the time to sit down and indulge. The Recipe Book by Nutribuddy became one of my favourite items from the kit, because it has such a wide variety of ideas and meals. There are simple meals in there, such as Cannellini beans with eggs and toast for breakfast or Moroccan lamb with apricots and almonds for lunch/dinner. Now one smoothie I have to share is the Mixed Berry Shake – oh my goodness it’s magical.
Ingredients: 30g Nutribuddy Sculpting Whey, 113g frozen berries, 113g fat-free strawberry yogurt, 30ml semi-skimmed milk, 7g porridge oats, 1 tsp agave (optional)
When I made this smoothie, it came out a little more like yogurt as it was pretty thick! Regardless, I absolutely loved it, and once I finished the entire cup, I couldn’t even think about eating any food until the next day. I went without the agave seeds, but loved the idea of porridge oats in a shake as this is something I’ve never tried before. Plus, it was an opportunity to use more for the Sculpting Whey which I loooovvvveeee the taste of.
Regarding the Hunger Fix and Multivitamin tablets, I saw a slight difference but nothing that was a total game changer. I believe this is down to only using them for about two weeks (when I remembered to take them), so I’m sure there would be much more improvement on top of my positive first impressions. My only struggle with the tablets is that they’re quite large, which is something I’m not used to as I don’t take pills that often.

As mentioned in my first impressions post, I like that the Little Book of Weight Loss is not just a flimsy leaflet full of images and captions. Inside, you’re pleasantly surprised by the amount of information on the products in the kit, as well as a Do’s and Don’ts section for the eating plan also featured inside. The book isn’t boring and full of textbook terminology which can also be quite common with weight loss kits. The Little Book of Weight Loss gives a sizeable amount of information concerning the Sculpting Whey (which I got in Vanilla) – a large bag of protein that can be added as an extra ingredient or used in the daily Whey shake (the perfect snack replacement)! I used this protein when making the banana and mango shake from the Recipe book.
Ingredients: 30g Nutribuddy Sculpting Whey, 1 medium mango, 1 banana, 500ml orange juice, 4 ice cubes
Luckily, this smoothie came out as a smoothie, and again was so filling. I think the 30g of Sculpting Whey helped immensely! When previously making smoothies with just fruit and juice or ice, I find that they are runny and end up feeling like a beverage I could drink alongside a meal. The texture was odd at first, as I’m not too keen on banana, but could totally live off mango. It took a minute to get used to, but the taste won me over, it’s a perfect solution to a hunger craving. I was drawn to the smoothies because they’re so quick and easy to make, and life has me on the go right now. This smoothie has idea to drink out of the Shaker Bottle which I usually use for the daily shake, but can also use for smoothie recipes I have tried out from the book. I’m happy the bottle is included in this set, because it’s a good but portable size and includes a metal spiral to helped to get rid of any lumps my blender missed.
I managed to lose around four pounds over the two weeks with Nutribuddy + exercise! 
Overall, I really like the Nutribuddy Weight Loss Kit and would recommend it, especially for the Recipe Book and Sculpting Whey. The delivery was shipped in great time, and the resealable bags are a good size for the price. I received the 14-day supply kit, and still have plenty left to use so I think the price is certainly worth the product. If you’d like to know more about what you receive in the Weight Loss Kit, you can check out Nutribuddy’s Weight Loss Essentials page.

Have you tried Nutribuddy products before? What did you think?

This post is in collaboration with Nutribuddy. 

Let's Go to the Gym

6 April 2016

High Eldwick, Bingley, West Yorkshire
A year ago, I would never be seen at a gym. I always assumed gyms were for the super-fit, exercise enthusiasts. However, after one massive kick, and a spur-of-the-moment burst of motivation, I decided to try at least a whole hour one a few machines. Three hours later, I was loving every moment and decided the gym is my new favourite place. As much as I enjoy having a higher level of fitness and slowly losing weight, I also love shopping for gym gear and finding new outfits for each session. Activewear is just so much fun to shop for!
One of my favourite looks is this almost all-black outfit I wear when I have to walk to the gym. It's important for me to keep warm, as there's still a little snow on the ground; but I don't want to be wearing multiple layers because walking quickly will keep me heated. My leather jacket is a cold weather essential and an overall wardrobe must. The great thing about this faux leather piece is that it keeps you warm once you're warm - almost like a thermal. Because it's faux, the fabric is lightweight and easy to move in. The fur collar is a great accessory for this season too. I never carried a bag to the gym at first, but now that I've become more confident with going, I will shower and sometimes change into different clothes while there. This small but spacious Nike bag is absolutely perfect for me and holds just the right amount without becoming a burden. 
I have never owned a pair of Vans shoes until a few weeks ago. They were immensely popular while I was in school, but never something that I was into. However, while doing my weekly browse at TK Maxx, I came across this pair in the men's section and knew I would never seem them again. They're bright without being too 'in-your-face' and can be worn casually and for exercise. Vans shoes are way more comfortable than I imagined and I'm definitely going to look into getting another pair soon. 

Let's Run

5 March 2016

My Workout Essentials

29 February 2016

Eldwick, Bingley, Bingley, West Yorkshire BD16, UK
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I definitely don’t consider myself a health expert, but one thing I’ve recently fallen in love with is regular exercise. This is something I never thought I would say as I still occasionally consider myself to be one of the laziest people alive; but I do love a good run. Hitting the gym for an hour or so on a Friday night is a good evening to me. Getting up at 6am doesn’t seem so bad when you’re jogging against the sun rising over the moors. I’ve found a lot of positive aspects in exercise, and even more essentials. 
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