September Goals

1 September 2017

September is here! It’s the first of the month, and what I class as autumn. This season is my favourite time of year, so here are some goals to get me started!

Earn more freelance jobs – I freelance in photography and journalism, and absolutely love it. The idea of having more odd jobs and earning extra coins while doing what I love sounds like a dream!

Gain more customers – I currently work for my mum’s charity, Clothing Solutions for Disabled People. We make clothes for disabled people, and although only small, it would be wonderful to have some new clients!

Movie nights! – I literally want to have movie nights every weekend with my best friends. We’re such a cuddly bunch, it would be so much fun!

Hang out with my blogger pals – I have a few internet friends, many who are bloggers, and it would be absolutely brilliant to host a blogger brunch in the city centre of Leeds.

Run a full circuit without stopping – I recent quit the gym because it’s too awkward to get to. Since then I’ve been running, and often have to take breaks as I’m not at the peak of physical health. I’m determined to run the full route without stopping!

Become a yoga expert – In June, I fell in love with yoga and it’s easily one of my favourite ways to work out. I have more energy after each class, and will soon be showing off my poses on Anika May!

Head to a festival/gala – It would be simply fantastic to be able to visit a festival soon! There’s Bingley Music Live, a music festival held right in my hometown, and I’ve been once, but I certainly need to go again!

Drive somewhere new – Now that I’m a confident driver, I 100% want to take a long drive somewhere. It’s my goal to be able to jump in my car, bump to some tunes and just go!

Have money – A very obvious goal. I do have some money (obviously), but not much spare once those bills suck the life out of my current account. I’d like to be working my way towards earning money doing what I love!

Buy a new iPhone – I love my iPhone 7, it works brilliantly and always has my back. However, I have my eye on the 7+. I definitely don’t want the 8, not with a starting price of £1,000! The 7+ would be perfect for me and for photography on the go!

Keep up with my positive journal – I have a book, a very special book that I use to note down all the good things in life. It helps keep me positive and manage the anxieties of life. Now all I need to do is keep up with it!

Improve my skills – There are so many areas I want to learn new skills in. HTML, Photoshop, video editing, journalism, DSLR techniques and so on and so on. The list is endless, and autumn is the perfect time to get started! 

My Workout Essentials

3 August 2017

About a year ago, I did a post called “My Workout Essentials” and featured some of my favourite gym accessories and must haves. Well, now that time has passed, I still have some faves, but the list has changed for the better.

Bluetooth Headphones
They were featured in my last post, but they’re number one now. Music is so essential for a good workout, it’s truly everything. I considered these KitSound headphones for the longest time, going back and forth between brands before finally deciding to just go for it. I’m very fussy when it comes to technology, as I like to have something that’s actually going to work. I can honestly say, KitSound headphones are the way forward for me. Style is important, so I chose the black and rose gold pair, but I also think good quality is vital to. The Harlem headphones are of a very high stand, especially for such an affordable price. I adore them!

Deodorant and body spray
So essential. The very thought of bad body odour makes me feel nauseous, so the smell has me running. Of course, there’s not much I can do about other people, but I can certainly do a lot for myself. I have a love for deodorants anyway, and have always used Nivea because it treats my skin so well. But I’ve also been loving So…?’s body mist line and didn’t expect to be so obsessed. I grew up with So…? body sprays and Charlie Red so naturally I gravitated back towards them. I really love water-based sprays because I feel like they stick to clothes a little better than the aerosols.

A Small Towel
I would have never considered a towel about a year ago. But now that I like to go H.A.M. in the gym, and try to work so hard I want to nap, I sweat… a lot. And sweat is great I guess, but it’s also super irritating and itchy if it dries. I like to have a small towel or flannel with me in the gym, to wipe away the dirt and sweat, ensuring it doesn’t get into my pores. Sweat dripping down your face is certainly a sign of hard work, but also a great way to break out. Not great.

High quality clothes
Obviously, clothes are an essential. But it’s very easy to buy super cheap threats that disintegrate in water or fit poorly. It’s very important to me to avoid ill-fitting clothes because it feels uncomfortable and kills my confidence. Splashing out isn’t what I’d usually do when it comes to clothing, but I neeeeeeeed to have good workout outfits. TK Maxx is the perfect middle man, as they sell branded clothes for amazing prices. Think: fit over fashion. Running on a treadmill and pull up leggings or pants is not okay. Plus, squats that result in ripped clothing isn’t cute either.

The right shoes
I once saw someone running on a treadmill in sliders. SLIDERS. That’s a perfect example of picking the wrong shoes. I still can’t wrap my head around it. You don’t have to go all professional to find the right trainers to work out in, they just have to be supportive and comfortable. Fit over fashion comes in once again, as it’s important to take care of your feet and ankles before they become damaged.

My phone
I have an iPhone 7, and there are a huge number of apps that help me in the gym. Not only is Spotify essential for my beast mode tunes, but I use MyFitnessPal too. This app is great for logging all my workouts and totally up how much water I drink each day. The app works great without having to go Premium and there are still a wide range of features to make use of. I also use the app to log the food I eat throughout the day which helps me keep track of calories. Endomondo is also really great for logging times, plus it’s linked to MyFitnessPal as they’re both owned by Under Armour.

And a couple more must-haves, or rather, I-needs:

YouTubers I’m Obsessed With | Volume II

31 July 2017

I published a post over two years ago featuring some vloggers I just can’t get enough of. Well, the list truly is endless, so it’s time I share some more top YouTubers I think should be appreciated and celebrated. I struggle to only fit five into this post, so we may have a little serious of blogposts on our hands...enjoy!

I’ve followed Danielle for a few years now, and the more get to know her, the more I realise how alike we are. We have a very similar personality which means I look forward to every video. She struggles with anxiety and depression (like me), she lives in the UK (like me), she loves to play Sims from time to time (like me) and she’s also hilarious (which I like to think I am). Her videos are always entertaining, and always honest! For example, the video linked above is one I recently watched, and loved because she was so open with her subscribers regarding earnings and the YouTube lifestyle – plus, she has a PUG! She’s been through some drama online, but comes out stronger and more positive every time!

Kalyn is one of those vloggers that makes you want to get your life together. She’s so motivated, strong and positive, it’s uplifting to see her channel grow. She too, has struggled with mental health and is very open about this in her videos. Over the past year, her editing skills have improved so much, I really love to watch every second of her vlogs and routine videos. She’s all about organisation, productivity and getting on with life; a great attitude for everyone to have. Plus, she puts her happiness first and has the cutest little pup!

I remember Daniella from her Victorious days, and always followed her Instagram posts as she lives the ultimate Cali lifestyle. It was actually Daniella who inspired me to start yoga, and now has me working towards a vegan diet because she always promotes a healthy and happy lifestyle. I adore her channel, simply because she’s a big TV star but at the same time, a normal human. Daniella vlogs her daily life, as well as her trips around the world and 5-star recipies. Plus, her sense of style and interior design skills are so on point, I feel like stealing everything!

I have followed Aspyn for the longest time, I think she may have been one of the first YouTubers I ever subscribed to, and I still enjoy her videos just as much today. I became even more invested in her videos, when she posted her engagement and wedding video online, and realised we have a very similar style. On top of that, her home is absolutely stunning inside and she now owns her own store (goals) featuring the most super-stylish pieces! Despite having a large following, I love how humble Aspyn has remained, and how her channel has never wavered – plus she has no time for haters!

I only subscribed to Laura in the last week, after following her blogs for over a year and have been binge watching her videos ever since. Like Aspyn, I was drawn to Laura after seeing photos from her wedding (which is literally the exact way I would like mine), and decided to give her vlogs a watch. I’m so happy I did. Laura is the loveliest, bubbliest YouTuber I’ve recently followed, and vlogs her day-to-day life, as well as makeup tutorials and fashion tips. She has an amazing sense of style, and is so sweet in her vlogs – you really start to feel like you know her!

Who are your favourite YouTubers?

The Playsuit: A Summer Essential

27 July 2017

There have been many occasions, where I’m attending an event, going out, or heading to a party and have no idea what to wear. It’s 300 million degrees out, it’s super sweaty and I’m too lazy to find a top that pairs with my favourite shorts. What’s the best option? A playsuit.
Playsuits are very much like Marmite. Some people absolutely love them (me), and live by them (me), and will wear them at any given opportunity (also me). And some people can’t stand them. I must admit, it can get a little tricky when you’ve had one G&T too many and you can’t quite work out how to go to the bathroom properly, but despite this, they’re perfect for me. I’m quite a tall chic, so sometimes shopping for playsuits that hit the right spot can be hard. Some suits have awkward elasticated waists that are too high/too low, and some have the shortest shorts ever – and I’m not about that life.

I bought this piece from TK Maxx in one of their everlasting sales, and saw it sitting (or hanging) there all alone, so I had to buy it. The great thing about playsuits, is that they’re always comfortable, and often pair well with loads of different items in the wardrobe. In the winter, I’ve even worn an all-black playsuit with tights and a cosy cardigan. For summer, I tend to stick to a tropical print, something that’s bright and summery, but never over the top.

Playsuits have become a summer essential, not only because they’re so easy to style, but also because they look amazing on different body types. I used to be really self-conscious and think I could never pull off anything short, so the playsuit became my answer. It keeps me confident, it keeps what I like covered and it keeps me cool through the UK heatwaves.

What’s your favourite thing about playsuits? Or, what’s your summer essential? 

Nutri Advanced Magnesium Glycinate Tablets | Review

24 July 2017

I’m always open to anything that will improve my health. After all, good physical and mental health are incredibly important, and both have to be maintained! When I got the opportunity to try Nutri Advanced’s Magnesium Glycinate tablets*, I jumped with excitements because it’s a mineral I’ve never tried before, and experimenting is always fun.

I didn’t know much about magnesium before trying the tablets because I didn’t pay much attention in science, and had no idea the body even needed it. But I found out, magnesium is essential for the production of energy within every cell in the body, and it contributes to the electrolyte balance within the body. Shocked? Same. Magnesium is also an essential for the normal functioning of the nervous system, the psychological function and the muscle function.

The tablets I tried were high-strength magnesium glycinate which is a superior form of the mineral that is well absorbed. Plus, it’s very easy on the digestive system and wonderful for those with a magnesium deficiency. Fun fact: almost 100% of people in the UK are not meeting the recommended daily allowance for magnesium, mainly due to poor soil and processed foods, so pretty much the whole UK has a deficiency. Magnesium deficiency can result in poor mood (from anxiety to insomnia), low energy (like fatigue and poor memory), and bad physical performance (such as very low energy and even muscle cramps). I’ve struggled with fatigue and tiredness, as well as anxiety so these tablets could not have arrived at a better time.

I took the tablets for three weeks straight, twice a day (with meals) and continue to take them today. At first, I didn’t notice any different. But that was expected. After a week, I started to feel a difference in my muscles and athletic performance – bear in mind, I am not an athletic person. As I’ve recently started running and jogging multiple times a week, my body is developing and getting a lot stronger. Magnesium itself helps keep calcium within the bones and teeth, and so far, my bones haven’t suffered in the slightest – and I know the tablets have aided this. Similarly, I usually feel drained throughout the day and was worries running would amplify these feelings. Luckily, after a week, the effects of more magnesium began to kick in and I had energy through the day, as well as post-workout.
By week two, I was actually feeling extra energy, not just enough to get me through the day. I also felt an improvement in my sleeping pattern, in the sense that my pattern basically fixed itself. A couple of weeks ago, I used to wake throughout the night, which is incredibly annoying when you’re as lazy as I am. Then I was feeling lethargic and cranky during the day as my sleep was constantly disturbed. Now, after weeks on the tablets, I’m feeling waaaaaaaaay better.

I decided to continue with the tablets after loving the benefits over a fortnight, and even another week before writing a full review. By week three and four, I was feeling a complete difference regarding my “everyday” anxiety. I’m a natural-born worrier, or a “chronic worrier” as Rebecca puts it ;) Stress always triggers some form of anxiety for me, whether it’s social or OCD. I’ve found the tablets have truly helped with day-to-day anxieties. It’s no cure, but things that would usually make me irritable or distressed aren’t that big of a problem anymore, which in turn is helping me on my quest to be more positive. And more, I’m feeling a lot calmer each day.

For example, a customer started effing and jeffing down the phone at work, which would usually result in me feeling like I’m on fire, before wanting to throw-up or cry… whichever comes first. Yet, over the last week (when an incident like this happened), I ended the call thinking “eh, whatever” and continued with my day. It didn’t play on my mind, I wasn’t feeling tense, and I didn’t feel the need to self-combust. A huge improvement for me.  The tablets have helped many others too, check out the results on the product page!

I really like the tablets and found them very soft on my system. My body can be quite sensitive, but these tablets haven’t cause my skin, attitude or muscles to suffer. They also haven’t affected my asthma, which has happened with other supplements. Nutri Advanced’s product came is brilliant time, and arrived with a whole load of information for me to read beforehand. The only downside to the tablets is the size, they’re quite large, but can be broken in half for easier swallowing. I’m very happy I got the chance to try magnesium glycinate and feel even happier with the outcome. I’m so glad I discovered Nutri Advanced! 

Have you ever tried magnesium tablets? How did you find them? 
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